Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan is having some moving issues. Reuters

Lindsay Lohan just can't seem to catch a break.

The actress moved out of her Venice, Calif., home earlier this month and now it seems as if one of the movers is planning to sell information and photos on it.

The mover reportedly wants to sell photos of the troubled actress' belongings, as well as information on her whereabouts and the location of the storage facility where she'll temporarily stash some of her items, according to a TMZ report.

Lohan confirmed that the place was up for sale on her Twitter page: 419 Venice way is on the market!! Anyone looking in Venice should see it ASAP because offers are coming in :) [sic].

The moving news comes more than a month after a trespasser tried to contact the actress on New Year's Day.

Lonnie Short, 64, knocked on the door of her Venice house and said he wanted to speak with her, TMZ reported. Lohan called the cops, who arrested Short.

Lohan is aware of the mover's threat and working on it, TMZ reported.

Lohan's next career move is highly anticipated.

She's been meeting probation requirements and completed court-ordered community service in record time, which should free up her schedule for acting gigs.

In the meantime, she posed for Playboy's January/February issue in a Marilyn Monroe-inspired photo shoot that has made record sales, according to a CNN report.

Hugh Hefner commented on the photo shoot -- for which the actress posed nude -- and said it was very classy.

Still, it seems as if Lohan's partying ways are catching up to her.

Her appearance at the American Foundation for AIDS Research New York gala on Wednesday prompted commentary that the actress -- who has often been considered quite beautiful -- looked far older than her 25 years.

Despite her woes, Lohan's fans seem to be rooting for her. She has more than 3 million followers on Twitter, some of whom have been sending her words of encouragement.

She's also getting some love on Facebook. One man posted the following note on a Facebook page for the actress: i love you crazy girl!!!

Lohan also got some positive feedback on photos of her posted on her page.

I wish you a lot of blessings!!! one woman posted.