Angola, officially the Republic of Angola is a country in south-central Africa bordered by Namibia on the south, Democratic Republic of the Congo on the north, and Zambia on the east; its west coast is on the Atlantic Ocean. The exclave province of Cabinda has a border with the Republic of the Congo and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Angola was a Portuguese overseas territory from the 16th century to 1975. After independence, Angola was the scene of an intense civil war from 1975 to 2002. 

The country is the second-largest petroleum and diamond producer in sub-Saharan Africa; however, its life expectancy and infant mortality rates are both among the worst ranked in the world. In August 2006, a peace treaty was signed with a faction of the FLEC, a separatist guerrilla group from the Cabinda exclave in the North, which is still active. About 65% of Angola's petroleum comes from that region.


ExxonMobil Is Expected To Report Weak Earnings From Lower Gas Prices

Based on a median estimate among analysts polled by Thomson Reuters, ExxonMobil will report earnings of $1.96 a share on revenues of about $115.08 billion -- a decline of 8.3 percent from the year before. The company will post its second-quarter earnings on Thursday at 10 a.m. EDT.

Angola: The Bloody 'Democracy' Of An Oil Republic

As soon as the door opened, 15 men -- armed with pistols, machetes and iron rods -- burst into the house and began beating the young Angolan musicians and activists who were known for protesting against government corruption and the use of violent tactics to suppress political dissent.

Guinea-Bissau: ECOWAS Troops Arrive For Peacekeeping Mission

On Thursday, 70 troops arrived in Guinea-Bissau as part of a peacekeeping initiative by the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS). The troops are meant to stabilize the country as it prepares for national elections in 12 months, following a military coup that deposed the civilian government.

Mali: Junta 'Regains Control' After Counter-Coup

The controlling militia issued a statement on Tuesday saying they were in control of key sites around the capital, including the state broadcasting building, the airport, and a major military base in Kati.

Guinea-Bissau Victim of Another Coup

The military has taken over the West African country of Guinea-Bissau, in a coup d'etat on Thursday, a few weeks before the country's presidential elections.

Gunfire, Possible Coup Reported in Guinea-Bissau

Heavy weapons fire echoed through the capital of Guinea-Bissau Thursday, witnesses said, and soldiers surrounded the residence of former Prime Minister Carlos Gomes Junior, the frontrunner in a presidential election.


Merchant of Death

Viktor Bout, Alleged 'Merchant Of Death,' Faces Possible Life In Prison Today

Viktor Bout, a Russian national known as the Merchant of Death for his far reaching arms deals across the world will learn how long he will be in prison on Thursday. His defense attorneys have asked the judge to set him free while United States prosecutor said he should be locked up for the rest of his life.
A customer arrives at a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant in Shamokin Dam, Pennsylvania, July 13, 2011.

Yum Brands Sees 130 New Africa Stores This Year: Report

U.S. fast-food giant Yum Brands Inc. plans to open 130 new KFC stores in Africa this year, bringing its presence on the continent to 1,000 restaurants, the Business Day newspaper in South Africa said on Friday, citing a senior executive.