PIMCO's Mohamad El-Erian: The Ideal Prime Minister for Egypt

On Tuesday, it was reported that Mohamed El-Ehrian, the chief executive officer of Pacific Investment Management Co., or PIMCO, was being considered for the role of Egypt's Prime Minister. He doesn't want the job, but he does have the qualities that Egypt lacks.

Scientists See AIDS Vaccine Within Reach After Decades

A 2009 clinical trial in Thailand was the first to show it was possible to prevent HIV infection in humans. Since then, discoveries have pointed to even more powerful vaccines using HIV-fighting antibodies. Now scientists believe a licensed vaccine is within reach.


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California Man Removes 50,000 Bees From His Home [VIDEO]

When Larry Chen, a 27 year-old photojournalist from Los Angeles, noticed bees buzzing around his window, he expected he might have a problem on his hands. What he didn't expect was an infestation of 50,000 bees living inside his house.

California County Wants Drug Makers To Pay For Pill Disposal

A new measure in Northern California is designed to force pharmaceutical companies to bear the cost of collecting and safely discarding unused prescription drugs that might otherwise foul waterways or fall into the hands of substance abusers.
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Blackstone To Sell Office Building Portfolio

Private equity giant Blackstone Group LP (NYSE: BX) is preparing to sell its office portfolio over the next 18 months, hoping to capitalize on the commercial property rebound, the Wall Street Journal reported.