Everyone likes to take their dog to the beach and give them a shot at surfing, but a pair of beachgoers in California tried to ride a wave with a new pet: Goats.

Goat owner Dana McGregor, took his two goats Goatee and Pismo to the San Onofre State Beach in Orange County. The pair put on quite the show as he tried to teach the mother and daughter how to ride the waves.

The goats' performance stunned beachgoers as they kept their balance for a few waves, before falling off and swimming to the shore.

They did a pretty good job. They caught the first wave and it was pretty good, McGregor told the Associated Press. I love surfing so I figured the goats would like surfing, he added.

The spectacle attracted the attention of other surfers in the area, who went up to the goats and tried to get them to ride some larger waves. Oh, my gosh. That was hilarious. I never thought I'd see the day, surfer Po Carbal told the Orange County Register. Goats on a surfboard - I've seen it all. I think it's probably one of the oddest and coolest things I've ever seen at the beach.

Training pets is never easy, and many pets start on skateboards before they hit the surfboard, but McGregor's goats went straight in.
McGregor says he takes Goatee to the beach as much as he can, and now that Pismo is old enough she has been coming along too.

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