Hewlett-Packard 3Q Earnings: Will It Be Whitman’s Final Loss?

Hewlett-Packard Co. (NYSE: HPQ), the world’s biggest computer company, has nowhere to go but up. Scheduled to report third-quarter financials after the market close Wednesday, investors and technologists will be watching for signs that its restructuring and massive write-offs are over.

Why Do The Caribbean Islands Form An Arc?

By looking at earthquake data, scientists were able to get a clear picture of the interaction between the continental South American plate and the Caribbean Plate, which is mostly oceanic.

Travel Websites, Hotels Accused Of Price-Fixing

A lawsuit filed in San Francisco federal court Monday alleges that Marriott International, Hilton Hotels, Sheraton Hotels & Resorts and others conspired to use their market dominance to fix hotel prices with travel websites like Expedia, Travelocity and, a subsidiary of

Wildfires Choke Outdoor Tourism Prospects in Western US

Apart from destroying hundreds of homes and parched forest area, recent wildfires sweeping western United States, encroached national parks, recreation sites, and campgrounds thereby, adding to woes of communities dependent on summer tourism.


Roaring Wildfire Ravage Western U.S States (Photos)

Roaring Wildfire Ravages Western U.S. States (Photos)

Wildfires have wreaked havoc in the western states of the U.S., engulfing hundreds of houses, charring acres of wood- and grass-lands in the past two days. Ravaging flames have been spreading fast to new areas aided by drought-like situations as the firemen continued to douse the flames amid scorching temperatures.

Breast Milk Ingredient May Guard Against HIV

Researchers say that higher concentrations of human milk oligosaccharides, or HMO -- a kind of complex carbohydrate that's the third-most abundant ingredient in breast milk -- were associated with protection against HIV transmission to infants.