NHL Talks Fail; Union Decertification Looms

Hockey fans have reacted to the NHL lockout with anger, grief and disillusionment but they can now add heartbreak to that list with the news that what looked like optimistic negotiation talks between NHL ownership and the NHL Player’s Union have fallen apart.

Turn Back The Hands Of Time Sunday At 2 AM

Daylight saving time, or DST, this year in most of Canada, a lot of the U.S., and a little of Mexico began March 11 at 2 a.m. local standard time and ends Sunday at 2 a.m. local daylight time.


Kingfisher Airlines

Kingfisher Flights Cancelled On Labor Strike; Shares Fall

India’s debt-ridden private air carrier Kingfisher Airlines cancelled several flights Monday, fearing a number of its striking employees might not report for work. The company’s shares plummeted 5 percent on the Bombay Stock Exchange following the reports.