Immigration Law

Alabama Immigration Law Partially Blocked by Appeals Court

A U.S. appeals court panel placed a temporary injunction on enforcing part of the law requiring suspected illegal immigrants to carry papers and a part that makes schools collect the immigration status of new students and their parents.

ACLU Sues South Carolina to Block Anti-Immigration Law

The American Civil Liberties Union Thursday filed a class action suit to block South Carolina's anti-immigration law from going into effect next year, arguing that the law is unconstitutional and will lead to the detention of Hispanics. The U.S. Department of Justice is reviewing South Carolina's law, slated to go into effect Jan. 1.

Alabama Immigration Law Ruling: Why it Matters, and What's Next

U.S. District Judge Sharon Blackburn's decision to uphold key provisions of Alabama's controversial new immigration law -- characterized by supporters and detractors alike as the toughest in the country -- could have repercussions that reverberate far beyond the Yellowhammer State.

Rick Perry's Immigration Policy: 'He Can't Have it Both Ways'

The implication is that Texas Gov. Rick Perry is too lax on enforcing federal immigration laws, and that his support of the in-state tuition bill aligns him more closely with Democrats than Republicans. But to those who have followed Perry's career as governor, the narrative that he is overly sympathetic to immigrants or weak on enforcement is somewhere between an oversimplification and an outright falsehood.

Alabama Immigration Law Blocked by Federal Judge

A federal judge temporarily suspended a controversial immigration enforcement law, ruling Monday that she needed more time to weigh lawsuits from the Obama administration, religious groups, and civil rights groups.

Wisconsin Republicans stave off recall challenge

Republicans narrowly retained their majority in the Wisconsin state Senate on Tuesday, staving off a strong recall election challenge from Democrats and union members angered by a new law curbing the power of organized labor.

Obama Administration Sues Alabama Over Immigration Law

In an increasingly familiar pattern of the federal government challenging tough new state immigration laws, the U.S. Justice Department filed a lawsuit on Monday in an effort to halt an Alabama measure that has been described as the toughest in the nation.

Illinois DREAM Act Set to Become Law

Illinois governor Pat Quinn is poised to sign legislation giving undocumented immigrant students access to educational benefits, making Illinois the second state in less than a week to pass legislation aimed at bolstering education for undocumented immigrants.