Immigration Law

Union Square Draws Hundreds For May Day Rally

A coalition of interest groups encompassing immigration advocates, organized labor groups and members of Occupy Wall Street gathered in Union Square on Tuesday afternoon for a May Day rally.

Sonia Sotomayor: From The Bronx To The Supreme Court [PHOTOS]

Judge Sonia Sotomayor is the subject of much scrutiny lately due to her leading role examining the Arizona Immigration Law, titled S.B. 1070. These photos outline her history, from her unique childhood experiences through her meteoric rise to the highest court in the United States justice system.

Immigration Sweep Nets 3,100 In All 50 States

A six-day operation led federal agents to arrest more than 3,100 immigrants who had criminal records or had re-entered the United States illegally, the government announced on Monday.

Annie George And 'V.M.': Slavery Through Immigration Law

Annie George, the owner of a lavish 34-room mansion in upstate Rexford, N.Y., stands accused of keeping an Indian woman, V.M., in forced labor as a domestic worker in her home. V.M.'s circumstances, and the unanswered questions surrounding her time in the U.S., combine human trafficking and modern-day slavery laws with a tangled web of immigration laws, compounding the suffering that result from the modern-day struggles that plague domestic workers, regardless of citizenship, as they ...

Arizona Primary 2012: What to Watch For

Michigan is not the only state going to the voting booth on Tuesday. Arizona's 29 delegates are also up for grabs. While recent polls have shown Mitt Romney breaking away from Rick Santorum, the former Pennsylvania senator could still present a formidable challenge to Romney's presidential aspirations.

Arizona Republican Debate 2012: How Will Immigration Factor In?

Of all the issues likely to surface at Wednesday night's Republican debate in Arizona, immigration is a fairly safe bet. That's because Arizona has come to embody the GOP's approach to immigration, in 2010 passing a controversial immigration law that became the model for similar bills passed by Republican-controlled legislatures in Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina and Utah.