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Tom Tancredo Endorses Rick Santorum: Who Is Tancredo?

Tom Tancredo, a former Colorado congressman and 2008 presidential candidate, endorsed Rick Santorum for the Republican presidential nomination on Wednesday, giving a small boost to Santorum's long-shot campaign after he finished a distant third in the Florida primary.

Florida Republican Debate: Top Quotes from Paul, Gingrich, Romney and Santorum

Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, New Gingrich and Rick Santorum showed no mercy during last night's GOP debate, tackling issues ranging from immigration law and foreign intervention in Latin America to Gingrich's ties to Freddie Mac and Romney's links to Obamacare. Get the candidate's top quotes from last night's CNN debate here.

Jan Brewer, Barack Obama Have History of Clashing

When Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer confronted President Barack Obama on a tarmac and thrust an accusing finger at him, it was a small skirmish in a larger battle between Brewer and the Obama administration.

Obama, Arizona Governor Have Tense Meeting

A day after his confrontational election-year State of the Union address, President Barack Obama had a tense exchange with Arizona's Republican governor Wednesday as she greeted Air Force One in Phoenix.

End of an Era for GOP and Latinos?

If Mitt Romney grabs the GOP presidential nod, he would be the first Republican candidate in decades to take hard line on immigration policies that Latinos support.

2012 Laws: California Immigration to Illinois Penalties, What You Need to Know

A series of groundbreaking (and head-scratching) bills in states from Florida and Tennessee are set to become law on New Year's Day 2012. Here's everything you need to know, from aids for illegal immigrants and abortion restrictions to Utah's ban on Happy Hour and California's move for LGBT rights, and why you should care.

Newt Gingrich Immigration Stance: A Closer Look

The former House Speaker has been on the defensive, rebutting criticisms that he is supporting amnesty for millions of immigrants, or that his policy would erect a magnet for undocumented immigrants, as former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney has charged. What was Gingrich really proposing? Here's the breakdown: