Settlement With HP Isn't Going To Happen: Oracle

An Oracle Corp attorney ruled out a settlement with Hewlett-Packard Co in a bitter lawsuit over the Itanium microprocessor, a day after the judge refused to resolve the case for either side before trial.

New Apple Campus In Peril, Says Austin Chamber Official

Apple's plans to build a sprawling new campus in Austin, Texas, looks to be in trouble. After several delays in approving an incentives deal by the Travis County Commissioners Court, the Cupertino, Calif.-based computer maker is getting very frustrated.

Intel?s Ivy Bridge: Top 5 Features Unfolded

After initial delay of Intel's processor for 2012, the company has finally launched its first breed of quad-core processor on Monday. The latest chip, codenamed as Ivy Bridge, is the world's first processors to use a 22-nanometer manufacturing process and feature Intel's Tri-Gate 3D transistor technology and will replace the company's Sandy Bridge CPUs in Apple's next-generation of Mac lineups.

Proofpoint Shares Jump 31% In IPO

Shares of security software specialist Proofpoint (Nasdaq: PFPT) jumped as much as 31 percent in the first few minutes of trading after their initial public offering.

Spanish Debt Sale Holds Markets In Check

German bond yields hovered near record lows and the euro held steady on Thursday ahead of bond auctions by Spain and France that are key to investor confidence in Europe's ability to tackle growing economic and fiscal problems.