Apple Seeks Quick Bans on Eight Samsung Phones

Apple Inc is seeking speedy bans on the sale of eight Samsung Electronics phones, moving swiftly to translate its resounding court victory over its arch-foe into a tangible business benefit.

Apple iPad Mini Release Date Rumors: Why Oct. 5 Makes The Most Sense To Launch

In about two weeks, Apple is expected to hold a large media event to debut several new devices, including a new iPhone - the unofficially dubbed "iPhone 5" - as well as a new iPod Nano, a new 13-inch Retina Macbook Pro, and possibly, a brand-new addition to the iPad line, the "iPad Mini." We believe Apple is going to choose Friday, Oct. 5 to launch the new iPad Mini. Apple iPad Mini Release Date Rumors: Why Oct. 5 Makes The Most Sense To Launch

Samsung Loses $12 bln Market Value after Apple's Victory

Samsung Electronics shares tumbled more than 7 percent on Monday, wiping $12 billion off the South Korean giant's market value, as Apple Inc's sweeping legal victory in their U.S. patent battle raised concerns about its smartphone business - its biggest cash cow.

Amazon Sets New High After Signing NBCUniversal Kindle Deal

Shares of Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL), the world's most valuable technology company, set a new year high after the developer of the Kindle and Kindle Fire said it would now offer streaming video from NBCUniversal, including hot shows such as “Friday Night Lights” and “Battlestar Galactica."

Shira Lazar And 'What's Trending' Set Out To Conquer YouTube [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

"What's Trending," a fresh weekly live interactive talk show that airs as part of the YouTube partnership program, has recently switched to a daily five-day format. The major upgrade is another indicator of how YouTube has successfully nurtured an environment of discovery, independence and innovation for the site's artists and creators that traditional media has not.

Apple iPhone 5, iPad Mini Release Date Rumors: Will They Share The Same Stage?

John Gruber of Daring Fireball challenged Rene Ritchie's report of iPhone 5 and iPad mini sharing the same stage at the next month's event. He said that the upcoming iteration of the iPhone is not likely to share the spotlight with another new product from the Cupertino tech giant. He opined that there could be two separate events.

Will iPhone 5 And iPad Mini Launch The Same Day? No, Says John Gruber

While Apple has yet to make any official announcements about its upcoming products the iPhone 5 and the iPad mini, leaked details show that both devices are as good as confirmed at this point. But while many expect that both products will be launched simultaneously in September, the iPad mini may in fact be officially announced in October.

Apple iPhone 5: How To Modify Your iPhone 4/4S With Next-Gen Specs, Features [PICTURES, VIDEO]

Apple fans can't wait to get their hands on the iPhone 5, and now, they may not have to. Even though some claim to be selling iPhone 5 parts in China, one Chinese company is actually selling modification kits based on the rumored design specs and features of the phone, which allow owners of the iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S to make their phone look like the next-gen model. Apple iPhone 5: How To Transform Your iPhone 4/4S With Next-Gen Specs, Features [VIDEO]

Will Apple Release The iPhone 5 A Full Month Before The iPad Mini?

On Wednesday, Sept. 12, Apple is expected to debut the new iPhone, unofficially dubbed iPhone 5, as well as a brand-new tablet to its iPad line, the iPad Mini. We may even see a new iPod Nano, and a new 13" inch Retina MacBook Pro. However, it is highly unlikely these products will be released together. In fact, we believe Apple's release date for the iPhone 5 could be a full month before the iPad Mini launch. Will Apple Release The iPhone 5 A Full Month Before The iPad Mini?

Dell Shares Plummet 5% After Dismal Forecast

Shares of Dell (Nasdaq: DELL), the No. 3 PC maker, plunged more than 5 percent after the company reported poor second-quarter results and issued a forecast for lower sales ahead. In pre-market trading, shares fell as low as $11.72, down 62 cents.

Apple iPad Mini Rumors: 5 Concept Designs We Love [PICTURES]

The iPad Mini, the Apple device reportedly coming in September that is not named "iPhone," has been rumored since early January -- reports then called it "the iPad 4" -- but few know any real details about Apple's incredible shrunk-down tablet, especially concernimg its appearance.

Instacube: Hey Instagram, Your Hardware Solution Just Launched On Kickstarter [VIDEO]

The Instacube, which launched on Kickstarter Tuesday morning, is the solution for Instagram users that want enjoy their photos in more casual way. Now, anyone can passively view their Instagram feeds in their living rooms, on their work desks, or on their nightstands. They're party centerpieces, and a great way to immediately display photos being taken at that very party. It's the only way to share photos with a crowd of people; its viewfinder is far superior to that of an iPhone.