Amazon Unveils Kindle Paperwhite With All-New Features, Specs and Price; Release Date Set for Oct. 1

At Amazon's press event in Santa Monica on Thursday, the world's largest online retailer added a new member to the Kindle family, named "Kindle PaperWhite." Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos listed the new features, specs and price of the new device; pre-orders for the device begin today, and the release date for the new e-reader is on Oct. 1. Amazon Unveils Kindle PaperWhite With All-New Features, Specs and Price; Release Date Set for Oct. 1

Amazon Leaks Kindle Fire 2 Commercial Ahead Of Thursday's Announcement; Release Date, Price Details Still Unknown [VIDEO]

All eyes may be on Apple's iPhone announcement next week, but on Wednesday night, Amazon strategically "leaked" an ad for its newest line of Kindle e-readers and tablets a day ahead of the company's planned launch event for those products. Amazon is expected to hold a press conference on Thursday, which many believe will see the unveiling of new Kindle devices, including a sequel to the Kindle Fire, unofficially dubbed "Kindle Fire 2."

Apple iPhone 5 May Be Called 'New iPhone,' If Alleged Packaging Box Features Are To Be Believed [RUMORS]

For more than a year, most Apple fans and followers of the brand have called the company's sixth-generation smartphone "the iPhone 5." But after releasing the new iPad in March - not the iPad 3, or the iPad HD - it looks like Apple will once again release a new iOS device without a distinguishing name or number. A newly-released photo shows a woman holding the iPhone 5 packaging box, but the label very clearly reads, "The new iPhone."

Apple Teases iPhone 5 Event: 6 New iOS, Mac Products Expected To Release [RUMORS]

Our predictions this morning came true: At about 9 a.m. PST, Apple released the official invitations for its next big product launch to the press, scheduled for Wednesday, Sept. 12. The event will definitely be all about the iPhone 5, but that's not the only Apple product scheduled to be unveiled that day. Apple has plans to release new iOS devices and Mac computers at the event.

iPhone 5 News: Apple May Release Event Invitations Within Next Two Days [RUMORS]

It's been long reported that Apple's next big product event, which is said to unveil the new iPhone 5, a new "iPad Mini," and even new iPod and Mac models, will allegedly occur on Wednesday, Sept. 12. If company history repeats itself, it's possible that Apple will release the press invitations eight days prior to the event's date, either today (Tuesday) or Wednesday.

Apple May Announce iPhone 5 Event On Tuesday, Sept. 4 [RUMORS]

If Apple's history can predict its future, we might expect the Cupertino, Calif.-based company to release invitations to its media event, allegedly scheduled for Wednesday, Sept. 12, eight days prior on Tuesday, Sept. 4. This reported date is not based on fact, or word from any source from within Apple; this is rather based on Apple's past when it comes to releasing its media event invitations.

Apple iPhone 5 Rumors: New A6 Chip Spotted In Newly Released Parts [FEATURES]

Apple has successfully managed to make each new iPhone thinner, lighter, faster and more powerful, and it looks like the iPhone 5 will be no exception. On Thursday, Sonny Dickson released a set of new photos that show an A6 processor chip sitting in the phone's logic board. A quad-core A6 would boost the speed of the phone's features, as well as help power the phone when multi-tasking applications or playing games or video.

Yelp Shares Soar 25% As Lockup Expires Contra Facebook’s Huge Decline

Shares of Yelp Inc. (Nasdaq: YELP), the provider of online reviews of local businesses and restaurants, surged more than 25 percent Wednesday as the lock-up period for insiders expired, allowing them to sell stock in the San Francisco-based company for the first time since its march 1 initial public offering.

Apple iPhone 5 Event May Introduce AirPlay Direct To iOS Family

A new report on Tuesday said Apple is planning to upgrade its wireless music streaming technology known as AirPlay in the coming month. Word is the announcement will come when the company debuts the new iPhone. The new technology, using the working title "AirPlay Direct," is said to eliminate the need for a Wi-Fi network, which means that iOS devices like iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touchs may be able to beam music directly to a speaker system.

IDC Shaves PC Forecast To Below 1% After HP, Dell Report Poor Results

IDC revised its forecast for this year’s PC sales gains to only 0.9 percent, after the top U.S. giants, Hewlett-Packard Co. (NYSE: HPQ) and Dell (Nasdaq: DELL), reported lower PC sales for their latest financial quarters. By contrast, tablet sales, headed by the iPad from Apple (Nasdaq:M AAPL) should surge 54 percent.