Unrest In Baltimore
Maryland National Guard vehicles

Baltimore Calm On Second Night Of Curfew

On the second night of curfew, police prepared for violence, but the Pennsylvania Avenue-North Avenue intersection remained calm, with more media than marchers.
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An Empty Field Of Economic Dreams

Camden Yards was built to drive economic growth at Baltimore's Inner Harbor area, but Wednesday afternoon it was completely empty.

Curfew Calms Baltimore

The crowd had been growing in size and anger, but law enforcement tactics — and community support — helped clear the streets.
Baltimore protests

Baltimore Streets Are Clearing

An hour after the curfew went into effect, Baltimore police appeared to be succeeding in dispersing the largest crowds without violence.
Baltimore protesters

'This Is Bigger Than Freddie Gray'

Years of socio-economic disparity predate the widespread violence and looting that has ensnared Baltimore this week. Residents say they have had enough.