Hillary Clinton and Xanana Gusmao

Clinton Visits East Timor Signaling US Status As ‘Resident Pacific Power’

While former U.S. President Bill Clinton delivered a speech to the Democratic National Convention for President Barack Obama in Charlotte, North Carolina, Wednesday, his wife and U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was sipping her coffee at a bean-processing unit in East Timor, her fourth stop in an 11-day foreign tour.
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US Hostage Warren Weinstein Asks Obama To Meet Al Qaeda's Demands In Exchange For Life [VIDEO]

Al Qaeda on Sunday released a video of American hostage Warren Weinstein urging the US government to act upon his abductors' terms or else he would be put to death, the Agence-France Presse (AFP) reported.In the video titled A Message from the Prisoner Warren Weinstein to His President, the former USAID worker was seen seated behind a table as he addressed President Obama: My life is in your hands, Mr. President. If you accept the demands, I live;don't accept the demands, t...
Herman Cain

Fifth Woman, Donna Donella, Comes Forward in Cain Harassment Scandal

On the day Sharon Bialek told her story with attorney Gloria Allred, Donella told The Washington Examiner that Cain tried to get dinner alone with an audience member at 2002 speech, then tried to set up a date with Donella herself. As Cain prepares for a press conference to counter Bialek's story, bloggers and news sites debated whether Cain's behavior is damning or inconsequential.
Libyans pledge democracy as they win Gaddafi billions

Libyans pledge democracy as they win Gaddafi billions

Libya's new leadership reaffirmed its commitment to democracy and good governance on Friday as it worked on how to spend billions of dollars released from the frozen assets of fugitive strongman Muammar Gaddafi.
Lab On A MicroChip

Lab on Chip to Offer Cheaper, Faster HIV Test

Imagine shrinking an entire lab to a hand held gadget that allows easy detection of HIV virus and Syphilis in the remotest corners of the world. This seems possible, thanks to Samuel K. Sia, assistant professor of biomedical engineering at Columbia Engineering and team who have invented the mChip (mobile microfluidic chip) that can interpret quantitative blood test results, independent of user interpretations.
Afghan President Hamid Karzai (2nd L) shakes hands with Senator John Kerry (D-MA) during a luncheon hosted by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee

Senate Report Scrutinizes Aid For Afghanistan

A report by the Senate's Foreign Relations Committee questioned the success of foreign assistance in Afghanistan, detailing the extent to which the nation has become reliant on aid dollars to sustain its still-tenuous infrastructure while suggesting that America will need to continue financially supporting the country for years to come.
US sailors aboard the U.S. 7th Fleet command ship USS Blue Ridge stand-by to move pallets of humanitarian relief supplies

U.S. mobilizing humanitarian aid for Japan

Assistance in the form of food and equipment has started to arrive in earthquake-and tsunami-battered Japan from the U.S. Search and rescue teams are expected to reach Japan by tomorrow.
Houses lie flattened after a powerful earthquake in Iwaki, Fukushima Prefecture March 11, 2011.

U.S. Activates Aid Efforts for Japan in Quake Aftermath

The U.S. will assist Japan with heavy lifting equipment to move debris and has activated two search and rescue teams to help in the aftermath of the massive 8.9 magnitude earthquake and subsequent Tsunami on Friday that has already killed hundreds of people and has injured and displaced many others.

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