Jason Priestley
Former "Beverly Hills, 90210" star Jason Priestley, pictured March 1, 2015, did not like what Tori Spelling had to say on Lifetime's "Celebrity Lie Detector." Getty Images

Former “Beverly Hills, 90210” star Jason Priestley issued a response after reality star Tori Spelling decided to kiss and tell-- 20 years later-- on Lifetime’s “Celebrity Lie Detector” Saturday. After Spelling claimed that she had sex with Priestly, as well as Brian Austin Green, the actor took to Twitter to issue a response Sunday.

Priestley, 46, didn’t seem pleased that Spelling shared their personal history and said they had their version of a “summer romance” off set. He told fans that he didn’t watch the Lifetime show, but didn’t want to talk about what Spelling revealed. “I'm not getting into this... It's nobody's business... Either way...” he said.

While Spelling maintained they stayed friends after their fling, the status of their relationship might be in limbo. Priestley tweeted about Spelling selling his wedding invitation during a garage sale. Spelling denied it, and said if she did so, it was "a joke."

Priestley also wasn’t thrilled about the unauthorized biopic of “90210,” which drudged up decades-old secrets. One of the controversies the biopic addressed was the firing of Shannen Doherty. While Spelling said Doherty’s infamous diva behavior was “getting worse and worse," Priestley had an entirely different story.

In fact, he and the former “Charmed” actress are still close. “Shannen and I will always be friends... Been through too much together...” he said. Priestly later continued: “I'm only speaking with negativity about the Lifetime movie and Tori's lie detector... Nothing but love for ‘90210.’”

While Spelling, 42, thinks there should be a “90210” reunion, Priestley might not be in the mood after her explosive kiss-and-tell interview.

Though Priestley was active on Twitter after the “Celebrity Lie Detector” show, Spelling has remained quiet. The last tweet she wrote was a promotion for the show.

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