The municipal airport in Brush, Morgan County, was damaged as two tornadoes touched down in northeast Colorado Sunday. While one tornado touched down in Morgan County at 4.53 p.m. local time (6.53 p.m. EDT) flipping over a plane and damaging an airport hangar, another touched down in Raymer in Weld County snapping poles and ripping out street signs.

“Two tornadoes warnings in eastern Weld Co. with tennis ball size hail confirmed! Heads up Ft Morgan and Raymer,” meteorologist Christine Rapp tweeted.

Fox31 reported four planes were damaged at the airport and one flipped over when a building came crashing down on top of it. The National Weather Service will assess the damage Monday.

Mayor of Brush, Rick Bain confirmed the area near the airport to be the worst hit.

"You could feel (the car) lifting off the ground," said Vicki Severson, a resident of Morgan County adding "There was zero visibility. It was intense."

"I didn't know what was going on, and there was zero information out there for us. It came literally out of nowhere,” she said and added, "I was calling my kids. It was really scary. ... We were under the overpass for about 20 minutes before we could leave,” the Fort Morgan Times reported.

Speaking about the damage she said "Tractors are crumbled like cardboard, big metal irrigation systems ripped in half and trees ripped out of the ground.”

National Weather Service (NWS) meteorologist Bob Kleyla said there were safety concerns regarding weather investigators reaching the affected area Sunday because of reports of downed power lines. Brush was the most affected with heavy rain and strong winds that caused damage to trees and properties. However, there were no reports of hail storm from the area, Kleyla said.

"I think with all the damage that occurred out here, people were focused on that and didn't report hail," he said.

According to reports, one semi–truck was blown over on U.S. Highway 34 at Morgan County.

Morgan County will witness cooler temperatures Monday and there is a slight chance of morning showers or thunderstorms, the NWS forecast said.

Apart from the tornado, there is a possibility of very large hail and damaging winds up to 80 mph in Colorado.