Toshiba's high-definition ON-AIR MAX play out server with IBM’s Media Hub Framework will be showcase in an ongoing National Association of Broadcasters’ annual convention in Las Vegas.

The collaboration between Toshiba and IBM will demonstrate the server capabilities allowing broadcasters to network and streamline new workflows efficiently and reliably.

“The integration of our leading flash memory technology with IBM’s open standards-based architecture provides an extremely cost effective platform upon which clients can build and accelerates the HD workflow further by improving reliability and performance for play out,” said Yutaka Tanaka, Vice President of Broadcasting and Network Systems Division, Social Infrastructure Systems Company, Toshiba.

ON-AIR MAX is a multi-purpose video server deploying Flash Memories for data storage. The basic structure consist of flexible chassis expandable with 7 types of circuit board, the CPU board, Gen Lock Board, Encoder Board, Decoder Board, Giga-Ether Board, Memory Board and RS422I/F Board. Every chassis has 12 slots, expandable up to 6 and control with VDCP/Odetics BVW-75 protocols and API via Ethernet available.

“Broadcast companies are in need for a high performance yet cost effective playout solution for HD,” Tanaka said.

The server Flash memory board has 256 chips of 16Gbit flash memory on board with a HDTV (16 hours), SDTV (32 Hours) recording time per 1 board (512Gbyte). Each Memory board can work until 4 of 256 memory chips break.