• A Dutch tourist ran into Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson in Los Angeles
  • He ended a call with his mother to take selfies with the couple
  • The two wished him a great trip before leaving the Beverly Hills Hotel

A tourist was on cloud nine after Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson granted his request to take selfies with him on Thanksgiving Day. Paul Barewijk, a music editor and reporter for RTL Boulevard in Amsterdam, was vacationing in Los Angeles when he bumped into the celebrity couple and grabbed the chance to snap some pics with them.

According to Barewijk, he was sight-seeing around the mansions and high-end shops of Beverly Hills when he bumped into Kardashian and Davidson. In an Instagram post, he shared how overjoyed he was when the reality star and the “Saturday Night Live” cast member agreed to take snaps with him.

Sharing his selfies with the pair, he wrote, “OMG MAAK ME GEK! ZIT NET NAAST KIM KARDSAHIAN EN PETE DAVIDSON TE ONTBIJTEN!” before adding the hashtags “#onlyinamerica” and “#losangeles.” His caption loosely translates to, “OMG, this is crazy! Sitting right next to Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson for breakfast!”

In an interview with ET following the encounter, Barewijk revealed how he ran into Kardashian and Davidson and how the thrilling encounter came to be. “I walked towards Kim and Pete at the Beverly Hills Hotel and stopped my call with my mom because this was a once in a lifetime opportunity,” he told the outlet.

“Then I took my phone with the picture of me in front of the Skims pop up, and said, ‘Sorry for bothering you guys, but Kim, I just went to your pop up and now you’re here!’ and then I asked for a photo,” he said, adding that both Kardashian and Davidson seemed very happy when he saw them.

“She looked stunning and absolutely fabulous with just basic make-up on. Pete was relaxed,” he recalled. “They absolutely seemed like they are dating. They were sitting close to each other and looked happy and like they were in a good place.”

Barewijk also recalled how the pair bid goodbye to him after the encounter. “When they left, they walked out close to each other and passed me and said, ‘Enjoy the rest of your trip!’”

The latest sighting of the couple came a week after Kardashian and Davidson were spotted holding hands during a date in Santa Monica, California last week. 

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