• Endorsi’s plan is revealed in episode 9 of “Tower of God”
  • Khun betrayed his team, but he has a reason
  • Khun’s team is defeated by Quant

The game of tag has turned into the game of betrayal. After Team A lost to Quant, it is Team B’s turn to face the Ranker in “Tower of God” episode 9.

This article contains spoilers for “Tower of God” episodes.

The game of tag is underway, and Khun’s team has lost to the powerful ranker named Quant. In episode 9, Bam’s team faces Quant in this test.

The joint test is called tag, and the 28 participants are divided into two teams – A and B. The participants will be ranked based on their individual performances in the test, and it will be reflected in their points.

The test director explains that this tag test has two players who are called ‘It.’

One is the individual chosen by the test director and administrator. Then, the second one will be selected from the team’s Fishermen. The It will wear a badge.

The test is conducted in a futuristic-looking dome building.

The team has to help the It reach the goal or steal the badge from the It appointed by the test director.

The winning team members will receive 100,000 points, and if they can steal the badge from the It, then they will be awarded 200,000 points.

In episode 8 of “Tower of God,” it is Team A against Quant. The Ranker allows them to run as he knows they don’t stand a chance against his powers.

Meanwhile, Khun plans to lure Team B’s It to the exit and divert Quant’s attention for as long as Anaak, the true It of Team A, can make it to the exit and clear the test.

However, Quant can figure that there is something wrong with Khun and can intersect Anaak.

Towards the end of the episode, Khun’s team loses the tag test. Now, Team B has to choose their It to go against Quant. However, Endorsi has a plan that will be showcased in the new episode of the anime series.

“Tower of God” episode 9 is scheduled to broadcast Wednesday (May 27). Fans can watch the episode online via live streaming mode on Crunchyroll.

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