• Team B is set for the test
  • Bam is anxious about Rachel in the team
  • Endorsi’s plan will be unveiled in “Tower of God” episode 9

After witnessing Khun’s strategy, which baffled many, it is time for Endorsi to reveal her plan. “Tower of God” episode 9 will showcase Team B in the tag test and Endorsi’s plan.

This article contains spoilers for “Tower of God” episodes.

In episode 8 of “Tower of God,” Team A Regulars are up against a Ranker named Quant.

This Ranker is quite powerful and stubborn. Quant will go to any extent to defeat his opponent. However, Khun has a plan in place. He decides to lure the opponent team’s “It” to the exit and stall Quant for as long as they can. Meanwhile, the real “It” of Khun’s team will make it to the exit and clear the test.

However, the test administrators believe that Team A will lose this game. Rak tells them that he has faith in the Blue Turtle, and he will bring up something that will blow their mind.

On the test field, Quant is after Anaak on the bridge, and he finds Khun on his way. Khun tells Quant that Anaak has jumped from the bridge below and asks him to follow her.

However, Anaak is floating on a duplicate Lighthouse created by Khun. Quant can see through Khun’s lies and decides to jump with him.

The episode revolves around Khun’s betrayal and his purpose. Khun is a smart player, and he knows who his friends are. Now, in “Tower of God” episode 9, Bam’s team is ready to face the ranker. It will be interesting to see the result of the test.

In other “Tower of God” news, CBR spoke with the cast of the anime, Saori Hayami (Rachel) and Taichi Ichikawa (Bam). Hayami is asked about her experience voicing a complex character like Rachel.

“Naturally, it's difficult, but as an actor, every week I enjoyed voicing the human individual named Rachel during our recording sessions. It was also interesting to see how the image of Rachel that created alone at home expanded through actually recording with Bam, played by Mr. Ikichawa,” Hayami said.

“Tower of God” episode 9 is scheduled to air Wednesday (May 27). Fans can watch the ninth episode online via live streaming mode on Crunchyroll.

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