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Most of us traveled with our favorite toys as a kid. Now, the toys can go on their own.

Back in the late 1980's, a foundation known as the Garden Gnome Liberation Front wanted to return garden gnomes to the wild. They snatched them off into the great unknown and eventually returned them to their rightful owners with a small collection of exotic photos.

The traveling toy phenomenon really kicked off after the release of Amelie in 2001, which featured a traveling gnome.

Now, several companies worldwide offer comparable packages for your cuddly friends.

Barcelona Toy Travel will take your toy on a six-day tour of the city, including tastings, a trip to an amusement park, and time on the beach. The company counts a toy ostrich named Emik as one of its founding members.

One-year-old Czech company, Toys Travel Agency, promises a once in a lifetime journey for your favorite inanimate friends. There are photo ops, letters home, and a plush journey by air in the most comfortable of shipping boxes. Not only can your toy appreciate the baroque architecture of Prague, but Toys Travel Agency organizes monthly tours to various European destinations including Vienna, Berlin, Paris, Rome, and Budapest. Prices range from $80 to $133 USD.

The agency promises to keep you informed on the daily life of your wanderlust toy. For instance, what it likes to do, whether it has some restrictions (like fear of heights, vegetarianism, etc). Further, how sociable it is, if you prefer it to be in photographs with other toys or rather alone.

ToyinRussia just opened for business in St. Petersburg, giving toys around the world a chance to walk along the streets and squares of the great city touching Russian history practically on every step. What if your toy has got a wild streak? If your toy is a clubber, there is also a wide range of places to visit and let your hair down.

The world is reputedly home to about 1.2 billion teddy bears, gnomes and dolls. If we are to believe the hype, they're all waiting to be taken off on dramatic voyages. Whether they are clubbing in Russia or on the beach in Barcelona, toys are traveling more than ever... and they're traveling in style.