Google Assistant
TP-Link smart products now support Google’s intelligent personal assistant Google Assistant. Reuters/Beck Diefenbach

TP-Link has announced that its slew of smart home products now have support for Google’s intelligent assistant Google Assistant. Hence, consumers may now control their TP-Link smart devices using Google Home and the Pixel handsets as these come with Google Assistant.

Among the many home products of TP-Link, the company pointed out that the TP-Link Smart Wi-Fi Bulbs, Smart Wi-Fi Switches and the Smart Plugs are now controllable using voice commands for Google Assistant. The smart light bulbs respond to certain commands like switching on and off and decreasing or increasing the brightness of the light. For bulbs that have color options, users may switch from one color to another using voice commands as well.

“TP-Link’s smart home products bring simplicity to the modern smart home,” TP-Link USA Executive VP Lewis Wu said in a press release. “Through our integration with the Google Assistant on Google Home and Google Pixel, consumers are now able to use voice control to enhance their home automation.”

To use Google Assistant in controlling TP-Link’s smart home products, users should enable the functionality in TP-Link’s Kasa app. To do this, users should set up a Kasa account first so they could sign into the Kasa app on their Android or iOS device. In the app, they will find the option to allow devices to remotely control their TP-Link home products. Once enabled, users should head to the Google Home app and access their Kasa account from there to identify and select registered smart devices they wish to control using voice command.

After successfully setting up the Kasa account and the Google Home app, users can give voice commands to the Google Home speakers or the Pixel handsets to interact with the smart devices. Per usual, users should say “OK Google,” “Hey Google” or “Hi Google” to wake up Google Assistant.

According to Android Headlines, Google has been working with manufacturers and other companies to integrate their products with Google Assistant so consumers will mostly rely on the voice assistant in controlling their smart home appliances. Other companies that have already secured the compatibility of their products and services with Google Assistant include Best Buy, Wink, Vivint, Nest, Philips Hue, Honeywell, Belkin and Samsung SmartThings.