Sophia Myles is in deep mourning amidst the COVID-19 outbreak. The “Transformers” and “Underworld” actress revealed that her father, Peter Myles, contracted the deadly virus and passed away as a result. She revealed this fact through a tweet.

According to Fox News, the actress watched as her father struggled with the effects of the deadly virus. On Saturday, Myles announced the sad news without revealing any more details about her father. On the same day, Sophia Myles also shared another tweet that showed her head resting on her father’s. She wore gloves and a facemask, following the precautionary rules being given to people to avoid the virus’ spread.

Her father, meanwhile, looked weak and asleep, with his eyes closed and breathing with the help of a medical device. This wasn’t the only tweet Myles had shared on social media; she chronicled her father’s condition through several tweets and videos over the past few weeks, each time updating her followers of her father’s condition. It was also revealed in an interview with CBS that she was “fully prepared” for the worst.

The actress hadn’t hidden the fact that her father had contracted COVID-19, ET Online reported. She first revealed her father’s condition on March 14, sharing a video where she explained her dad was in a “locked ward.” She continued that her father had other underlying medical conditions aside from coronavirus and warned others not to take the dangers of contracting the virus lightly.

Her father is not the only person to contract the deadly virus; other people, including famous celebrities like Tom Hanks and personalities like Canadian PM Justin Trudeau’s spouse, have come down with COVID-19. Based on Worldometer data as of March 24, the worldwide number of persons who tested positive for coronavirus stands at more than 372,500, while the death toll is at a staggering 16,313.

Myles, for her part, said that she was feeling for the medical professionals who are handling infected patients. She said that “she can tell (that) they are absolutely freaking out.” She also shared her thoughts about the medical system, wondering if it was going to be able to handle the surge of patients at all.

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