Sybrina Fulton, left, and Tracy Martin, parents of Trayvon Martin, speak at the Peace Fest rally in St. Louis, Missouri Aug. 24, 2014. Reuters

Nearly five years since the shooting and killing of Trayvon Martin, his parents are now reportedly considering a run for public office to help stop President Donald Trump from deepening racial divides around the country, according to an interview published by USA Today Sunday.

Tracy Martin, Trayvon’s father, and Sybrina Fulton, the 17-year-old’s mother, hope to “be part of the change” they said the country requires. They said Trump’s divisive tactics stand to further empower law enforcement and others to continue practices that led to their son’s death on the night of Feb. 12, 2012, in Sanford, Florida.

"Since Trayvon's death, we saw how divided the country is on these issues and we saw how the country can come together," Martin said. "You have those that are for uniting the country and you have those that want to be apart. And what this new presidency does, it takes those that want to be apart and it puts them right in the position where they can say, 'We'll change the laws, and we'll make it tougher.'"

The parents were also promoting their new book called “Rest in Power,” which is their 331-page account of the events between Trayvon’s death and the eventual acquittal of the shooter George Zimmerman, who claimed Trayvon posed a threat to his life before killing him, in 2013. It hits stores Tuesday.

Following that harrowing year-and-a-half, and in the years since that saw the rise of the Black Lives Matter social justice movement and other counter groups like Blue Lives Matter, Martin and Fulton said they now feel “obligated” to speak out and public service may be the best outlet.

"Before I was just comfortable with my average life, but now I feel like I'm just obligated to be part of the change," Fulton said. "The only way we can be part of the change is if we start with local government and we work our way up."

Fulton said her potential political career could go “all the way to the White House,” but would realistically start at the city level.