Cheerful Weather
"Cheerful Weather For a Wedding" Goldcrest

The popularity of Downton Abbey has no doubt sparked an interest in the principles and practices of upper crust English society. Cheerful Weather For a Wedding is the perfect antidote to Downton limbo. Filled with romantic camera angles and elegant cinematography, Cheerful Weather is a rare old fashioned love story. It follows Dolly (Felicity Jones), who should be a blushing bride but instead drinks rum while isolating herself in her bedroom.

Among her anxious guests is Joseph (Luke Treadaway), who fell in love with Dolly the summer before. As he deals with condescending looks from her overbearing mother (Downton's Elizabeth McGovern), he recalls the passionate encounters he once had with the bride. Heartbroken, Joseph longs to pardon Dolly from what is clearly a marriage of convenience. As the precursors of the ceremony begin, Joseph's state of desperation grows worse. But Joseph isn't the only one that's struggling to accept her impending marriage. Dolly too is thinking of happier times. She re-imagines the moment she met Joseph (a charming scene to watch) as well as their first kiss (lushly illustrated).

Viewers are kept in suspense as Dolly procrastinates and contemplates what it would be like if Joseph asked her to run away with him. Marvelously directed by newcomer Donald Rice, the film is both intriguing and unpredictable. Cheerful Weather's content may be likened to that of a classic novel that stays with you long after you've read it.