• Combat in "Tribes Of Midgard" is simple but could be difficult at times
  • Always try to reach the highest possible gear score
  • Play according to the strengths of each character class

Combat in “Tribes Of Midgard” isn’t exactly deep or complicated, but it’s not a walk in the park either. Quick enemy attacks with barely any telegraphs and intrinsic game limitations mean that players will often have to trade blows with their opponents, chipping down their health bars and forcing them to consume resources.

Crafting better gear and stocking up on healing items is the most obvious answer to this. However, there are some subtler ways on how to reduce incoming damage, increase outgoing damage and generally survive for longer, which can be especially useful in the game’s unending Survival Mode.

Here are some tips and tricks on how to fight and survive in “Tribes Of Midgard” more effectively.

Tribes of Midgard features battles against enemies of gigantic proportions
Tribes of Midgard features battles against enemies of gigantic proportions Norsfell

Use Mana Potions

Mana Potions are excellent for boosting DPS as they can let players spam their powerful abilities more often for a short duration. These potions are commonly dropped in monster camp chests, elite monsters and sometimes Jotunns. Feel free to drink one of these whenever a tough enemy appears and be sure to bring a strong weapon to make the most out of the potions.

Proper Blocking And Dodging

In “Tribes Of Midgard,” blocking and dodging are implemented as counters to very specific attack types. Enemy attacks that have red glow effects like werewolf pounces or shield bashes cannot be blocked under normal circumstances, but they are easily avoided by dodging away. Likewise, basic enemy attacks can’t be dodged because they’re too fast and players are most likely attacking themselves, which will prevent them from dodging reliably.

Play According To Class Strengths

Try to play based on the main strengths of each class. Inspect each class’ weapon mastery passives and try to build item based on whatever is available. The same goes for elemental masteries. Additionally, each class has some sort of defining feature tied to them such as the Warrior’s double-hit passive or the Berserker’s explosive rage passive. Focusing on these abilities can help maximize overall damage output and survivability in the long run.

Always Upgrade Base Defenses

Gates and archer towers can help keep Helthings at bay during the night, giving players extra time to explore the rest of the world. A Level 3 gate can withstand tremendous amounts of punishments while a Level 3 archer tower loaded with explosive arrows can make quick work of cannon fodder.


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