"True Blood"
"True Blood's" fifth episode of season five ended with the discovery of Russell. Wikipedia

With only three episode left of season five of "True Blood," fans won't want to miss a second. Check out the bloody shenanigans that are going to go down when the hit HBO show resumes next week for episode 10, "Gone, Gone, Gone."

Vampires Vs. Fae

In episode nine, "Everybody Wants to Rule the World," viewers had a chance to see how the vampires plan on attacking the humans, but now it seems like they added to their targets.

"The legends are true, the blood of the Fae allows us to day walk," Russell informs the Lilith supporters.

Although Sookie does not have the best connection with her Fae side, the mind reader will have to put aside the grudges she still carries in order to avoid being drained by Russell and the others.

New Sheriff In Town

This past Sunday we caught a glimpse of the long haired, Goth looking vampire who claimed to be the new sheriff for area five. It looks like he is sticking around Fangtasia, ready to cause more problems for Pam.

"So what, you're just going to let Elijah take everything from you?" the constantly angry Tara asks her maker Pam. A tough decision must be made, but for survival the two must run.

"You and me...we live in the wind, just like I did with Eric," Pam tells Tara.

The True Death For Eric?

If only Eric's plan to run from the Vampire Authority had worked last week. After being caught trying to escape the building with a drugged Nora, the Lilith lovers are growing tired of the non-believer in their midst.

"The true death will come very soon if you do not accept Lilith," Bill gravely informs Eric. Always the Viking though, Eric refuses to surrender his beliefs (or really those of his deceased maker, Godric). "So let it come," Eric says of the true death. Bill arms a wooden stake strapped to his chest, the same stake they wore together when Roman and the rest of the Vampire Authority ordered them to bring in Russell.

Luna, An Angry Mother Wolf

Last week Russell ripped Emma out of her Grandmother Martha's arms to give to his new sweetheart, Steve Newlin. This week Russell and Newlin will find themselves with an angry mother wolf after them.

"I'm going to tell them everything," an angry Luna tells Sam. "Werewolves, shifters, Russell Edgington..." While Sam warns her that leaking that information will get her locked up, Luna will do anything and everything to get her daughter back...including breaking into Steve Newlin's dressing room.

What do you think of the upcoming 10th episode of "True Blood," "Gone, Gone,Gone?"

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