'True Blood'
Eric killed Russell Edgington in the season five finale of "True Blood." HBO

"True Blood" season 5 might have started off slow, but it certainly picked up toward the middle and ended with an astonishing, cliff-hanging finish.

Viewers were probably hoping to find out who Warlow was, but instead of getting answers, "True Blood" fans were left with even more questions.

The first shocker of the night was when Eric killed one of the most powerful vampires in town, Russell Edginton. Eric was able to sense Sookie's fear when it seemed Russell was about to devour all the faeries.

For season 6, Sookie might be hooking up with Eric again since he saved her life and the rest of the faery community. Additionally, the rest of the faeries will also play a larger role and probably help Sookie find out who Warlow is.

There are fewer human characters in "True Blood" as they all seem to be supernatural creatures now, except for Jason. But even he seems like he might be taking a turn toward the subhuman.

Since he's been seeing his dead parents, he might have some sort of psychic ability or he just might be crazy. Either way, Jason is probably going to be instrumental into finding Warlow.

In a bonus scene that HBO provided, Jason, along with some other vampires like Jess, Pam, Tara and Nora, invade the Authority.

Nora overhears Jason call Warlow's name and is shocked that he knows who he is, and viewers who have been lucky enough to see the trailer are surprised that Nora knows who Warlow is.

Eric's "sister" is most likely going to continue to have a role on the sixth season of "True Blood," where she'll probably fight with Sookie for Eric's attention and give clues about Warlow.

Another stunning part of the season finale that left us with even more questions was when Morella magically gave birth on a pool table to four half-faery babies who were delivered by Holly.

Let's hope Holly isn't too mad at Andy, because he's going to need a lot of help to take care of four newborns. Sookie might become their new babysitter in the following season considering she is half-faery herself and might be able to connect with the babies.

The most shocking part of the episode is when Bill killed Salome, drank all of Lilith's blood and then seemed to die and be reborn as a vampire-god-demon.

Even though Sookie is devastated by his death, she also witnesses his dark rebirth. So what happened to Bill?

He reminded Sookie of what he told her the first time they met: "Vampires often turn on the ones they love the most."

Bill's probably going to be a stronger being with powers that no one has seen yet. Considering that almost everyone is getting along, Russell is dead and Newlin is missing-- Bill will probably be the main villain during season 6.

Are you excited for the newest season of "True Blood" to start?