The synopsis for “True Blood” season six's episode four has leaked online, and it promises to be an episode that fans won’t want to miss. Set to air on HBO on July 7 at 9 p.m., “At Last” will continue to break down the dangerous war brewing between humans and vampires.

According to an episode description posted on, Sookie is really over the entire vampire/werewolf relationships she had going on and is ready to move onto faeries. Things between Sookie and mysterious half-faerie Ben will begin to heat up when Sookie “confronts her growing attraction” for him. Meanwhile, her ex-lovers are too busy fighting in the vampires vs. humans war to notice that another man has swooped in.

After Governor Truman Burrell attempted to detain Eric in a secret vampire camp, Eric strikes back at his nemesis by hitting him where it hurts the most -- his beloved only daughter, Willa. At the end of episode two, “The Sun,” viewers watched as Eric glamoured Willa after she removed her special contacts. Inviting the vampire inside, a preview for episode three revealed that Eric will end up kidnapping Burrell’s daughter and taking her to Fangtasia. Since the episode four description states that Eric will still be going head to head with Burrell, it’s possible that he might do more to Willa than just hold her hostage.

As for Bill, forget about the TruBlood. Billith has plans for Takahashi to synthesize a new kind of blood, and, while the synopsis doesn’t say exactly what kind of new blood, we have a feeling that it has something to do with Sookie and her special faerie blood.

For those keeping up with the other drama on the show:

- After a not-so-successful first meeting with Nicole, Sam will be making a “connection” with the vampire rights activist in episode four. No word on whether he’s changing his mind about coming out in the open as a shifter.

- At the end of episode two, “True Blood” viewers watched as Andy took his four rapidly growing faerie children to a field to beg for Morena’s help. It appears he will still have custody of his daughters in episode four, and they’ll be growing even more. In “At Last,” Andy’s faerie daughters will reportedly “end up keeping dangerous company.”

“True Blood” fans can catch episode four, “At Last,” when it airs on HBO on July 7 at 9 p.m.