True Blood
What will happen between Sarah Newlin and Jason in episode nine of "True Blood?" HBO/ True Blood Screen Shot


Only two episodes remain in “True Blood’s” sixth season, and episode nine will start to wrap up some of the story lines. Episode eight, “Dead Meat,” proved to be explosive and jaw-dropping, but next week’s “Life Matters” will give it a run for its bloody money.

Eric has gone off the deep end after losing his sister Nora. In episode eight viewers learned that he fed on Adilyn to reach Warlow in the faerie world, and episode nine will find him using Warlow’s blood to seek revenge at the prison camp. Walking onto the camp in broad daylight, Eric manages to slaughter the guards in a blink of an eye (as Bill did with Governor Burrell). Bill will find Eric’s mess outside shortly after, but by that point Eric will have moved inside to continue his trail of terror … and no one is safe. The promo for “Life Matters” shows Eric confronting not only Doctor Overlark, but Pam’s psychiatrist as well.

Despite Warlow’s bad shape after Eric’s attack, Bill still wants to use him to save Jessica and the others at the camp. But Sookie’s not having any of it. “Does he really look like he’s in any shape to go save the vampire kind with you?” she asks, annoyed. “I couldn’t give a s**t what kind of shape he’s in,” Bill responds.

Meanwhile Terry is getting his 21-gun salute at his funeral (despite Arlene’s wishes), and more hell is breaking loose at the camp. Vampires are bursting into flames and bloody guts, and Sarah Newlin is finally getting a taste of her own medicine after brutally murdering the TruBlood “spokesb***h” in episode eight.

“What will become of your souls?” Sarah can be heard yelling in the promo. But will she live to the season finale? The video ends with a bloody Sarah yelling while Jason holds a gun to her head.

Episode nine of "True Blood" airs on Sunday, Aug. 11, at 9 p.m. on HBO. What do you think will happen in episode nine, “Life Matters?” Let us know your thoughts on season six of “True Blood” in the comments section.