True Blood
No more Billith. Bill lost his Lilith powers at the end of "True Blood" Season 6. HBO

Are you all caught up on “True Blood”? The seventh and final season of the hit HBO show will premiere Sunday at 9 p.m. EDT. But don’t fret if you forgot how Season 6 ended. We’ve got a brief recap to get you all caught up before episode 1, “Jesus Gonna Be Here.”

The Season 6 finale, “Radioactive,” picked up right after the good folks of Bon Temps finished burying Terry. (He was shot in the head -- at his request -- by one of his old army buddies.) Sookie was struggling with her feelings and taking a walk through the cemetery with Alcide when they made a shocking discovery: vampires out in the daylight.

Thanks to “Billith”/Warlow’s blood, the vampires being held captive at Governor Burrell’s vamp camp were set free and given the power to walk in the daylight. Sookie wandered over to Bill’s house, where everyone was enjoying the new freedom, and finally found her missing brother.

Happy to know her brother was OK (and in the arms of his very protective lover, Violet), Sookie returned to the faerie plain to confront Warlow about their agreement. Before the vampires had been set free, Sookie made a deal to marry Warlow in exchange for him helping her friends. Warlow followed through on his end of the deal, but Sookie was beginning to reconsider hers. She promised Warlow she’d uphold her end of the bargain, but wanted to simply date him a little before they jumped into an eternal life with each other. And while Warlow has been kind to her in the past, Sookie’s request flipped a switch in him.

Slapping her across the face, Warlow began to strangle her with his hands.

“Who the f*** do you think you’re talking to?” he asked her.

After waiting more than 5,500 years for her, Warlow wasn’t willing to wait any longer. Confirming Sookie's worst fears, Warlow promised he’d use her for her blood and make her his faerie-vampire bride one way or another.

Fortunately for Sookie, Bill lost all his Lilith powers and was beginning to feel guilt about the way he had been treating her. Worried about his former lover, Bill teamed up with Jason and Violet to come up with a plan to save her. The only thing was that they needed a faerie to get onto the plain on which Warlow had her -- Andy’s daughter, Adilyn.

Needless to say, Andy was not willing to put his only remaining daughter in harm's way. But after hearing Jason’s pleas, Adilyn offered up her services. Using her faerie light, Adilyn brought Andy, Jason, Violet, Jessica and Bill to the faerie plain on which Warlow had Sookie. And they arrived just in time. Night had fallen and Warlow had begun the process of draining Sookie to turn her into his faerie-vampire bride.

Violet rescued Sookie while Bill began to fight Warlow. But a weakened and Lilith-free Bill was no match for the ancient faerie-vampire. Moving their fight back to the human plain, Warlow used his light to knock Bill and the other vampires out of his way … leaving nothing between him and Sookie.

Sookie was rescued from the attack in her bathroom by her faerie-grandfather, Niall, when he jumped from another plain to hold Warlow down. Jason arrived in time to stake Warlow and pull Niall back into their world.

And while the threat of Warlow was eliminated, so was the blood that pulsed through all the vamp camp vampires. Bill, Jessica, James, Tara, Pam and everyone else lost the ability to walk in the sun. Those in Bon Temps lucked out because the switch occurred at night, however Eric wasn’t as fortunate. The blonde vampire was sunbathing naked on top of a Swedish mountaintop when he lost the magic blood. He burst into flames. The good news was that Pam went after her maker. But she was nowhere to be seen as the sun began to fry Eric.

The Season 6 finale of “True Blood” advanced six months after Warlow died. Bill wrote a book, “And God Bled,” which talked about his brief experiences as Lilith and the spread of Hep-V. He began to receive a lot of national media hype -- especially since the book was essentially a 350-word confession to ripping Governor Burrell’s head off.

Meanwhile, Sookie and Alcide began to date (and moved in with each other). Jason developed a monogamous relationship with Violet -- who was still withholding sex from him. Sam Merlotte became the Mayor of Bon Temps, and Arlene used Terry’s money to buy Sam’s bar and rename it Bellefleur’s.

With Hep-V spreading and mutating, Bill and Sam decided to team up to create a plan that would protect not only the humans, but the vampires as well. The plan required vampires to develop a monogamous feeding relationship with a Hep-V negative human. In exchange, the humans would receive protection from their vampires. While it seemed like a smart idea, not everyone was onboard. To push the plan, they organized a vampire-human mixer at Bellefleur’s for vampire and humans to meet and make arrangements. But unfortunately their plan might have been put into action too late.

Season 6 of “True Blood” ended with Sookie refusing Bill’s offer for protection, and a hoard of Hep-V infected vampires heading toward the mixer.

The Season 7 premiere will pick up where viewers left off at Bellefleur’s party. According to the synopsis for “Jesus Gonna Be Here,” the Hep-V vampires will crash the mixer “with shocking results.” Sookie will be forced to seek refuge from those who blame her for the “chaos in Bon Temps,” and the “one vampire for every human” plan will move forward. A group of anti-vampire vigilante’s will rise and Bill will “receive aid from an unexpected source.”

Episode 1 of “True Blood” will air on HBO on June 22 at 9 p.m. EDT. Will you be watching? Send a tweet to @AmandaTVScoop.