As “True Detectives” nears its highly anticipated season finale on March 9, fans of the HBO original series are getting closer to finding out who the Yellow King is. And according to reports, followers of the anthology drama will get more than they bargained for when episode 7, “After You’ve Gone,” airs.

They last time we saw Cohle and Hart, the former partners were contemplating getting a beer after a decade of not seeing each other. And their time away from each other was for good reason. In episode 6 we learned just what caused the duo’s notorious falling out -- and we have to admit, it was pretty scandalous.

After learning her husband had cheated on her yet again, Maggie decides to get even. Unable to bring herself to going home with a stranger at the bar, Maggie thinks of another idea.

“What she wants is for Marty to leave her and the girls alone, and to get that, she needs to betray him with the person he's most threatened by -- and that's Rust. So when she turns up at Rust's door, she's on a mission. She knows exactly why she's there,” Michelle Monaghan told HBO. “She knows he's vulnerable and that she can play into the connection they share. When she walks in the door and sees he's been drinking, she realizes it's going to be a lot easier than she thought.”

Monaghan admitted that Cohle and Hart both made the mistake of underestimating her character. And because of Maggie’s diabolical plan, Cohle winds up with a broken tail light while her husband nearly ends up with a broken nose.

But that’s nothing compared to the damages the Yellow King has caused during season 1 of “True Detective.” Despite authorities thinking they’ve caught Dora Lange’s killer, the monster with scars on his face is still lurking throughout Louisiana, killing women and children. That tidbit of information was made perfectly clear to Cohle, which is what started his obsession with solving the 17-year-old case.

Cohle’s curiosity actually resulted in him losing his job, but that hasn’t stopped the former cop from diving deeper into the case than ever before. In episode 7, fans will find out what exactly Rust has been up to since he and Marty had their falling out. And we have a hunch about what it is: Detectives Gilbough and Papania have made it clear that Cohle’s been snooping around their crimes scenes. While the officers try to convince Hart that they think his former partner is somehow connected to the murders, Hart has a different gut feeling otherwise. That’s why he agreed to hear Cohle out after his old partner chased him down in his pickup.

With a loaded gun in hand (just in case), Hart will discover what Cohle has been doing for the past 10 years and learn whether his partner is responsible for the death of Tuttle. In the promo for “After You’ve Gone,” Cohle will prove to Hart that the Yellow King is still alive.

“I don’t know who he is, I don’t know where he is, I don’t know where this whole thing starts -- but it ends with him,” Cohle says, pointing to a drawing of what he believes the Yellow King looks like.

“You know this sounds crazy to me,” the unconvinced officer replies.

“There’s something you’re going to have to look at,” Cohle counters.

That’s when Cohle showed Hart an alarming video. While we don’t know what exactly is on the tape, we have an idea that whatever Hart saw was really disturbing. Could it be images of one of the Yellow King’s sacrifices? Does Hart know someone in the film? Well, whatever was on the tape  -- it looks like Hart is a believer that the Louisiana murderer is still on the loose.

That said, "Hart and Cohle forge a truce to probe a murky string of disappearances that tie to the symbology of the Dora Lange murder and the Tuttle family.”

Hart will even go so far as to do some private investigating in episode 7. “But will he go to greater lengths to overcome obstacles now that he's no longer bound by the badge?”

Only time will tell! Episode 7 will air on HBO on Sunday, March 2. What do you think is going to happen in “After You’ve Gone”? Let us hear your “True Detectives” predictions in the comments section below.