Are there really only two episodes left of “True Detective”? We can hardly believe it -- and we can hardly believe last night’s thrilling episode, for that matter. From Cohle becoming a suspect to Maggie’s shocking revenge, we were in disbelief of all the drama that went down in “Haunted Houses.” And according to episode 7’s synopsis and promo video, it looks like fans of the original HBO series should expect their jaws to hit the floor even harder when “After You’ve Gone” airs Sunday, March 2.

In next week’s episode, Cohle will try to convince his former partner that the Yellow King is alive and still killing women and children throughout Louisiana. “We left something undone,” Cohle says to Hart in the promo. “We’ve got to fix it.” But we’re sure Hart will be a bit skeptical considering Detective Gilbough and Papania have alerted the officer that they believe Cohle is somehow intertwined with the 17-year old mystery. In fact, the detectives even insisted that Cohle might have been responsible for Reverend Tuttle’s death. That’s when Hart stormed out of the interrogation, only to be followed home by the man who slept with his wife in 2002.

Agreeing to grab a beer with his former partner, Hart prepares for the worse as he loads his gun. But the cop got much more than he expected when he entered Cohle’s lair of collected evidence from the past two decades. A hand drawn portrait of a man with scars, green ears and a spaghetti-like beard stood in between the two as Cohle began his persuasion. “I don’t know who he is, I don’t know where he is, I don’t know where this whole thing starts -- but it ends with him,” Cohle says to Hart.

“You know this sounds crazy to me,” the unconvinced officer tells his former partner.

“There’s something you’re going to have to look at,” Cohle replies.

The promo then cuts to a scene of Hart screaming after watching a video -- and we’re dying to know what it was! According to spoilers, fans should expect to have a total meltdown when the final moments of “True Detective” airs. “Although we can't tell you the Dora Lange murder will be completely solved by the episode's end, we can tell you that you definitely don't want to miss the final four minutes of the hours,” E! Online teases.

What exactly do you think Hart saw? Well, initially we believed the video showed a gruesome film of someone close to Hart being mutilated by the Yellow King. Perhaps that’s why Cohle went off on his own to try and solve the case in order to spare Hart. But the more we analyze the situation, the more we rule out Hart’s daughter. We’ve actually gotten the sense that the video might have something to do with Lisa.

The rest of the promo for “After You’ve Gone” shows more clues leading Cohle and Hart to the Yellow King. Photos of masked men and little girl’s blinded, sporting sacrificial ensembles, give next week’s episode a spooky feel. But nothing has us more on edge than the robbers dressed in black. Who are they and what are they looking for? Originally we thought Cohle was sneaking into Tuttle’s house and committing the murder that Detectives Gilbough and Papania accused him of. But after a few seconds, we see the lone robber isn’t by himself. A group of three men have broken into a home, not to rob the place clean but to look for something specifically. Maybe it’s Cohle, Hart and Theriot looking for the photos of naked children the preacher had seen years back.

What are you predictions for next week’s episode of “True Detective”? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.