President Trump's reelection hopes continue to sink amid rising disapproval ratings. According to the latest poll from Reuters/Ipsos, Trump has a 57% disapproval rating, with his approval rating at 41%.

An Economist/YouGov poll showed similar results, with Trump’s disapproval rating at 57% and an approval rating of 42%. The most recent survey from right-leaning Rasmussen Reports showed a 52% disapproval rating and a 47% approval rating.

Trump’s approval ratings have dropped amid his handling of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and his response to the George Floyd protests. 

Trump has frequently downplayed the virus, and on Saturday falsely claimed that 99% of cases are “harmless” as infections surge in swing states such as Arizona and Florida. After protests erupted across the country in June, Trump promoted a “law and order” message while threatening to deploy the military to quell the unrest. 

Trump's poor approval ratings coincide with recent presidential election polls showing presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden with a strong lead. 

The latest Monmouth University survey has Biden at 53% support, with Trump at 41%. A CNBC/Research survey shows Biden at 49%, with Trump’s support at 41%, while the Economist/YouGov poll put Biden at 49% compared to Trump’s 40%.

The two candidates have adopted very different messages during the recent Fourth of July celebrations. Biden called for an end to “systemic racism,” while Trump railed against “left-wing fascism” in his speech at Mount Rushmore. Trump also stated that children are taught in public schools to “hate their own country.” noted in late June that Biden holds a historically large lead but that it is not insurmountable.