Despite the redacted release of the Mueller Report and proposed increased tariffs against China as high as 25%, or because of them, President Trump’s overall approval rating remains at nearly 45%. The mostly strong economy has been a boon for Trump, though Americans' view of the direction of the country has been weak, according to a weekly poll average by Real Clear Politics (RCP).

A volatile stock market and the president’s foreign policy moves have scaffolded his otherwise dismal approval ratings. The Dow Jones Industrial Average is up roughly 31 percent since he has been in office. 

The president’s plan to raise tariffs against China kept his foreign policy approval rating at 42.2% but that pretty much ends the good news. His congressional job approval rating hit 20.8%, and American’s view of the direction of the country hit 37.8%, while sentiment around Republican tax reform efforts landed at 31%, RCP notes.

These ratings were originally developed by George Gallup in the 1920s to gauge public support of the president both as a person and a policymaker. The practice certainly has been sophisticated since, and some pollsters even use statistical methods usually aimed at gambling to determine such ratings, particularly elections.

These measures can be highly subjective. The Gallup Organization, which still weighs in on all presidential contests, and provides data on policy and other issue preferences, has found approximately 46% of Americans are Democrats or Democratic leaners, and Republicans represent approximately 39% of voters, according to a 2017 report.

While less than 45% may be considered a substandard result, such numbers are actually high for Trump. His approval rating has been as low as 39%. Gallup reports Trump maintains a 91% approval rating among Republicans, nearly matching his high of 92% last year but Democrats’ ratings of Trump are much lower. Democrats generally approve of the president at a 12% rating, which is the same as his high among Democrats in April 2017.

Gallup further predicts if the economy continues to grow, and Americans continue to feel confident about his leadership, his approval rating may top 50%. Of course, that prediction is predicated on how positive outcomes are from post-Mueller Report events, including how Congress deals with Attorney General Barr and his refusal to attend congressional hearings.