Donald Trump retweeting
President Donald Trump on Tuesday retweeted a man who called him a fascist. Above is an image of the Twitter timeline of Trump as seen on 29 June, 2017, in Bydgoszcz,Poland after he insulted TV show host Mika Brzezinski on the platform claiming he was bullied by Mrs. Brzezinski and her co-hosts on their show Morning Joe on MSNBC. Getty Images

The Twitter handle for the president of the United States, @POTUS, has been transferred to President Donald Trump following his inauguration Friday.

As of noon, the handle had 3.62 million followers. Trump’s personal handle @realdonaldtrump is still on Twitter.

Former President Barack Obama’s Twitter handle is now @POTUS44, and all the posts he tweeted will be archived there. If you were following @POTUS while Obama was president, you and his other 13.8 million followers are now automatically following his new account @POTUS44. Obama’s account @BarackObama is also still active.

You’ll have to search @POTUS and follow that handle if you want to keep up with Trump’s tweets.

Former President Barack Obama new Twitter handle
Former President Barack Obama new Twitter handle @POTUS44. Screenshot Denisse Moreno

The same process goes for the Twitter accounts of former First Lady Michelle Obama and current First Lady Melania Trump. Mrs. Obama’s tweets will be archived on the @FLOTUS44 account. Mrs. Trump is now getting the official @FLOTUS handle, and had almost 20,000 followers as of noon Friday.

Michelle Obama gets @FLOTUS44 Twitter handle.
Michelle Obama gets @FLOTUS44 Twitter handle. Screenshot by Denisse Moreno
Melania Trump @FLOTUS
Melania Trump gets @FLOTUS Twitter handle. Screenshot Denisse Moreno

Meanwhile, Vice President Mike Pence received the official @VP Twitter handle. He had only 5,000 followers as of noon Friday. Former Vice President Joe Biden’s account was changed to @VP44.

Mike Pence gets @VP Twitter handle.
Mike Pence gets @VP Twitter handle. Screenshot: Denisse Moreno
Joe Biden @VP44
Joe Biden gets @VP44 Twitter handle. Screenshot by Denisse Moreno

What Happens With Facebook and Instagram?

The White House announced last year its plan for turning over Obama’s social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The move is unprecedented, since Obama was the first president to have social media accounts.

The White House’s Facebook page will belong to Trump and his staff, starting fresh. Facebook White House posts from the Obama administration will transfer to, while the team’s Instagram posts will switch to

Obama and Biden’s Facebook pages and the Instagram accounts belonging to the First Lady and Vice President will be moved to new “44” usernames and archived by National Archives and Records Administration (NARA).

A similar process will be followed with accounts on other platforms including Medium, Tumblr and YouTube, the White House said.