• Stephen Miller shared on Twitter Monday a photo of him with Donald Trump at the latter's Florida office
  • Twitter users noticed what appeared to be a bottle of Diet Coke on Trump's desk
  • This comes just days after Trump encouraged his supporters to boycott Coca-Cola

Donald Trump was called out on Twitter Monday for reportedly hiding a bottle of Diet Coke in a new photo-op despite urging supporters to boycott Coca-Cola.

The controversy stemmed from a photo shared by Stephen Miller, Trump’s former senior White House adviser, on Twitter that showed the former president sitting at his desk in his Florida office.

"Just had a terrific meeting with President Trump!" Miller captioned the snap.

However, eagle-eyed netizens immediately noticed what appeared to be a glass bottle of Diet Coke hidden behind a landline phone on his desk—just days after Trump called for a boycott of Coca-Cola. This immediately sparked posts ridiculing Trump.

"Trump sending out a demand for his followers to boycott Coke then getting caught trying to hide a bottle in a picture with his favorite vampire is so on brand it’s like an ‘Inception’ level of layers of Trump brand," tweeted Fred Wellman, executive director of the anti-Trump Lincoln Project.

Bill Kristol tweeted, "Just had a terrific Diet Coke, like Mr. Trump."

"Trump called for a ban on Coke 3 days ago. How is that going?" Don Moynihan, a professor at Georgetown University, wrote.

However, others defended Trump, pointing out that only part of the bottle was caught on camera and the brand of the soda was not visible. Some suggested that the picture may have been taken before his call to boycott Coca-Cola or may have been altered in some way.

"That’s a glass bottle. NOT A COKE!!" one commented.

"Easy on the name-calling. The photo was taken before the boycott," Jim Grodnik added.

"That is DEFINITELY not a coke bottle. Nice try people," another wrote.

"This has to be PhotoShop'd. Look at his hands! They're way too big compared to all other photos or video of him," another user opined.

Trump did not return New York Daily News' request for comment. A Coca-Cola representative also did not comment on the image.

During his term as president, Trump had a special button installed on the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office that he could press whenever he wanted a Diet Coke, Associated Press' Julie Pace previously reported.

"With the push of a red button placed on the Resolute Desk that presidents have used for decades, a White House butler soon arrived with a Coke for the president," according to Pace.

Former US president Donald Trump had appealed to the Supreme Court to prevent his tax records from being handed to prosecutors Former US president Donald Trump had appealed to the Supreme Court to prevent his tax records from being handed to prosecutors Photo: AFP / MANDEL NGAN