• Liz Cheney has lost the Republican nomination to Trump-backed newcomer Harriet Hageman
  • Donald Trump used insulting words to celebrate Cheney's loss
  • Trump Jr. took to the platform to gloat over the loss of his father's fiercest rival

Republican-favored Wyoming has shut the doors on Liz Cheney, revealed primary election results Tuesday. Donald Trump-backed newcomer candidate Harriet Hageman has won the Republican seat and will face Democratic nominee Lynnette Grey Bull in the race to Congress in the forthcoming midterms.

Apart from many Wyoming residents, former president Donald Trump has joined the bandwagon to gloat over Cheney's loss, and resorted to using insulting words while doing so. She has voted twice to impeach Trump, and is one of the only two Republicans on the House committee investigating the Capitol Hill insurrection.

Her father, Dick Cheney, appeared in an endorsement ad weeks ahead of the election to call Trump a "coward" and the biggest threat to democracy. He further added that Liz will continue her efforts to keep him out of the Oval Office and asked Wyoming to reelect her.

After Cheney's loss was projected, Trump issued a celebratory message on his Truth Social platform. "Congratulations to Harriet Hageman on her great and very decisive WIN in Wyoming. This is a wonderful result for America, and a complete rebuke of the Unselect Committee of political Hacks and Thugs," he wrote.

Trump continued, "Liz Cheney should be ashamed of herself, the way she acted, and her spiteful, sanctimonious words and actions towards others." He added, "Now she can finally disappear into the depths of political oblivion where I am sure, she will be much happier than she is right now. Thank you, Wyoming!"

Hours before the results were finally declared, the word "goodbye" began to trend on Twitter with detractors celebrating Cheney's exit and another section of supporters saying her defeat is Wyoming's loss. Here are some of the reactions.

"@RepLizCheney as usual a looser, goodbye. The best and a true politician won tonight. CNN is waiting for you."

"Goodbye hope to never hear from you again traitor."

A tweet from Donald Trump Jr. reads, "Bye bye@Liz_Cheney. On the bright side at least you won't have to pretend to be from Wyoming anymore."

"Good bye and good riddens! You rinos must go away! You crossed the wrong person and chose the wrong side but the good news is you can always run as a Democrat and let your true colors show," read another tweet.

A Cheney supporter wrote, "Saying goodbye to Liz Cheney only means one thing: Wyoming GOP chose a conman over our Constitution. It's not something to be proud of."

"@Liz_Cheney's loss diminishes our party. By putting her Constitutional responsibilities above partisanship and political future she deserves the highest possible praise. Attacks against Republicans based merely on disagreements about Trump must end," wrote John Bolton, the former assistant to National Security Affairs' President.

"It's bizarre to watch the GOP turn on Liz Cheney on behalf of a man who was a registered Democrat until 2008 & had Bill & Hillary Clinton at his third wedding.@GOP" a third tweeted.

Cheney is the fourth House Republican to lose a primary election after voting to impeach Trump.

Republican congresswoman Liz Cheney is lagging behind Harriet Hageman in polling for the Wyoming primary