New York subway
A man sleeps on the subway as commuters stand during the morning rush in New York, March 1, 2017. Reuters

Years before he entered the real estate industry or had any aspirations to become the U.S. president, Donald Trump would take the subway to school. In an interview Wednesday with the New York Times, he shared about his "old days" when he would take the subways, upsetting his parents.

Trump revealed the details of his subway commutes while discussing about the subway system in New York and also boasted about his knowledge about it.

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When Trump was questioned by the Times of the last time he took the subway in New York City, he replied: "It’s been a long time. It’s been a long time. It has been. I know the subway system very well. I used to take it to Kew-Forest School, in Forest Hills, when I lived in Queens. And I’d take the subway to school. Seems a long time ago...I’d take it from Jamaica, 179th Street. Jamaica, right? To Forest Hills. I understand the subway very well. I used to ride between the cars."

However, Trump's parents did not seem to be happy about their son's subway rides back then. Trump said: "They weren’t thrilled when they heard that...No, they were not happy. I used to love to do that. Those were the old days."

Trump also expressed his worries about the poor shape of infrastructure in New York during the interview.

Infrastructure has always been a major concern for Trump. Soon after he took office Jan. 20, he had released a $1 trillion 10-year infrastructure plan to fix roads, bridges, broadband networks, hospitals and schools. He vowed to fix the U.S.'s falling infrastructure. And New York was on top of his priority list — from the Gateway Program, which would build a new Hudson River rail tunnel to double the capacity of Amtrak, to New Jersey Transit trains between New York and New Jersey — he wanted to push for maximum growth of the nation's infrastructure, according to reports.

Trump might not have taken a subway in decades, as he said in the interview, but last year, when his presidential rival Hillary Clinton took the subway in New York, shaking hands with fans and posing for photographs, he mocked it by calling it "pandering."

"She hasn’t been in the subway in 20 years, if she was ever in the subway. ... Just seeing her do that, just for a picture, for a photo op is sad, actually, if you want to know the truth," Trump said, according to the Hill.