An inappropriate joke about Donald Trump sent one supporter over the edge. Comedian John Caparulo was poking fun at the president during a stand-up routine at The Comedy & Magic Club in Hermosa Beach, California when a women threw her glass at the comedian mid-show.

Caparulo was making a phallic joke about Trump when the incident occurred, according to a video posted by TMZ Wednesday morning: “The Washington Monument, somebody got paid to design that shit? It’s a fucking pencil, it’s just a big cement pencil. Some people think it looks like a dick but I think they’re saving that design for Trump’s monument,” he said to a laughing audience.

Two women reportedly got upset with the joke and began making a scene, with one yelling expletives at the comedian.

“No fuck you stupid, what are you his fucking mom, get the fuck out of here,” Caparulo said. “Am I the first one to dislike Trump? Oh my god, I must’ve invented disliking Trump… Fucking break up my show lady, you can come up here and do this shit.”

Watch the video here.

Following Caparulo’s response, the other woman threw her glass at him before the two of them left the club. The comedian made a comment about the attack hurting “a little bit” while other members of the crowd shouted that the woman was being rude the entire night.

“And right now I still got to do comedy. You ever go to a family reunion and your uncle cusses out your grandma and somebody comes up and says who wants cake? And I got to be the guy to say who wants cake,” Caparulo said.

The comedian has made past appearances on several night shows, including "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" and "Jimmy Kimmel Live." He is best known for his presence on "Chelsea Lately" as the “under-dressed everyman,” according to his website.

Comedian George Lopez also reportedly had a row with an audience member during his live comedy show earlier in February, although he was not physically assaulted like Caparulo.