Multiple forecasters show Democratic nominee Joe Biden has a much stronger chance of winning Tuesday's election than President Donald Trump.

Polling analytics site FiveThirtyEight has Biden as “clearly favored” to win the election. Biden has an 89% chance of heading to the White House, with Trump having a 10% chance of winning a second term.

The Economist election forecast shows Biden with a more generous 96% chance of winning the electoral college, with Trump given a 4% chance. The Economist model predicts Biden will win 350 electoral votes, with Trump winning 188 votes.

University of Virginia election forecaster Sabato’s Crystal Ball also shows Biden favored to win the White House. The forecaster projects Biden will win 321 electoral votes to Trump’s 217. Biden will win the key Rust Belt states of Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, along with the Sun Belt states of Georgia, North Carolina, and Arizona. All six of those states previously went to Trump in the 2016 election.

Betting site Odds Shark indicates Biden is strongly favored to win the election. Biden has -185 odds to win, with Trump an underdog at +155.

Recent polls suggest that Biden holds a large nationwide lead over Trump. Polling aggregator Real Clear Politics shows Biden has an average 6.8-point edge over Trump in the general election.

Polling averages of battleground states show Biden leading in Florida (1.4 points), Pennsylvania (2.9 points), Michigan (5.1 points), Wisconsin (6.6 points) and Arizona (0.9 points). Trump is leading on average in one swing state, North Carolina, at 0.6 points.

Dave Wasserman, an editor for the Cook Political Report, laid out a dire prediction for Trump on Twitter, comparing him to one-term presidents Jimmy Carter and Herbert Hoover.

"There's an excellent chance President Trump is headed for the biggest repudiation of a first-term president since Jimmy Carter in 1980 (9.7%) and an outside chance he's headed for the biggest since Herbert Hoover in 1932 (17.7%)," Wasserman tweeted.