The story of D.B. Cooper remains one of the world’s most widely discussed unsolved mysteries. BBC and HBO have teamed up to co-produce a documentary that explores this mystery in greater detail, with the goal of solving the case once and for all.

Emmy-nominated John Dower, who created “My Scientology Movie” with Louis Theroux, is set to tackle the mystery of D.B. Cooper in “The Mystery Of D.B. Cooper.” BAFTA-winning Minnow Films will produce the project, according to Deadline.

It’s been nearly five decades since the incident occurred in which a mysterious man, only known as Dan Cooper as the FBI officially reported it, hijacked a Northwest Orient Airlines plane in November 1971. It’s worth noting that this is probably a fake name, as searches for anyone named “D.B. Cooper” or “Dan Cooper” have come up short of anyone who could be a suspect.

Pictured is a BBC building. AFP/Daniel LEAL-OLIVAS

Around 3 p.m., Cooper handed a flight attendant a note stating that he had a bomb and requested that she sit next to him. She became a messenger between Cooper and the pilots as he informed them that he demanded four parachutes and $200,000 in cash. When they landed in Seattle, Washington, Cooper, along with the same crew, exchanged planes where he was the only passenger. He jumped out halfway to Mexico City with his briefcase in hand never to be seen again.

To this day, only a small bundle of cash linked to the Cooper hijacking has been found. The mysterious man could have landed anywhere between Seattle and Reno and is considered by some to have perished in the act, but no trace of him has ever been found. He seemed to vanish into thin air.

BBC was apparently very fascinated with Dower’s D.B. Cooper movie from its conception, saying that “The Mystery Of D.B. Cooper” is emblematic of a time when airport security was drastically more lenient. At one point, the FBI had 800 D.B. Cooper suspects but have since closed the investigation in 2016.

At press time, there’s no word on when BBC and HBO film “The Mystery Of D.B. Cooper” will release.