Is Ellen DeGeneres divorcing wife Portia de Rossi following reports about her possibly bowing out of her daytime talk show? This is what a new report from a tabloid is claiming, but it has since been debunked by a credible source.

Celebrity tabloid magazine Star claimed recently that DeGeneres has been planning to break up with de Rossi. The outlet even asserted that there’s been trouble in paradise between the couple for some time now.

Sister site Radar Online also reported about the same story, citing an unnamed source who alleged that the 61-year-old television host had already bought a “multimillion-dollar home” where she’s staying after the split.

Both sites maintained that DeGeneres has been plotting to end her decade-long marriage for months now and that she’s been carrying out some relevant tasks “behind her wife’s back.”

However, the narrative has since been debunked by Gossip Cop. The fact-checking website pointed out the inconsistencies in the two outlets’ reports, as well as DeGeneres’ statements in a recent interview as evidence that there really is no truth in the claim that the couple is headed for a divorce.

One of the inconsistencies in the reports the sister sites published has to do with the different statements made by their supposed source. Apparently, despite quoting the same statement from the source, the sentences they included in their reports were worded differently. This, of course, is quite strange as it would mean that the lone source gave different versions of the same phrase.

Another inconsistency is the difference in the figures the two gave while talking about the planned divorce. Star magazine said DeGeneres and de Rossi were headed for a “$450 million divorce.” On the other hand, Radar said it’s at “$400 million.” This is questionable since the two appeared to have cited the same source.

Gossip Cop then cited DeGeneres’ expansive interview with the New York Times late last year as proof that there’s no truth in the rumors that her and de Rossi’s marriage is on the rocks. During the interview, DeGeneres slammed the untrue reports different tabloids constantly make about her married life. “I hear Portia and I are divorcing every other week or having a baby or whatever,” DeGeneres said.

Lastly, Gossip Cop slammed the two tabloids for churning out baseless reports and made-up stories again and again. The fact-checking site has called out the magazine and the site on multiple occasions due to their dishonest reportage.

The news comes after it was revealed that DeGeneres is thinking of canceling her long-running talk show. In her interview with the New York Times, she did admit that her contract lasts until summer 2020 only and she’s not sure if she’s going to continue the show beyond that.

Ellen DeGeneres
The rumor that Ellen DeGeneres is divorcing Portia de Rossi has been debunked: Pictured: The television host speaking onstage during “One Voice: Somos Live! A Concert for Disaster Relief” at the Universal Studios Lot in Los Angeles on Oct. 14, 2017. Kevin Winter/Getty Images