It’s becoming a trend that talk show hosts guess the winners of “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” seasons when the ABC stars pay them a visit on their shows. First was Jimmy Kimmel and now, Ellen DeGeneres has also decided to hop on the bandwagon.

Last week, “The Bachelor” Season 23 star Colton Underwood visited “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” where he discussed the 2019 installment’s biggest moments so far. Before calling the interview quits, Ellen decided to play her hand at guessing Colton’s final two.

“I don’t know how you’re going to narrow it down but I think the final two are going to be Cassie and Caelynn,” she said.

“I think it is one of the two of them, or maybe both,” she quipped.

Watch the video below:

[Warning: Finale Spoiler Alert]

Unfortunately for Ellen, her prediction was incorrect. While Caelynn appears to be a front-runner this season, she doesn’t make it past hometowns. Colton is said to eliminate Caelynn before the overnight dates, making his final three Cassie, Tayshia and Hannah G.

While Ellen did not correctly guess Colton’s final two, she did correctly select Cassie. Colton doesn’t technically have a final two this season -- you can find out more about that here -- but Cassie is ultimately this season’s winner.

Sorry, Ellen. Better luck next time!

colton and ellen
"The Bachelor" star Colton Underwood attends the Disney ABC Television TCA Summer Press Tour on Aug. 7, 2018 in Beverly Hills, California. Ellen DeGeneres is pictured filming her talk show on Oct. 13, 2016 in Burbank, California. Robyn Beck/AFP/Brendan Smialowski