Jennifer Aniston has been reportedly enjoying the single life, but a new report is claiming she is ready to have a baby following her breakups with Brad Pitt and Justin Theroux.

Aniston, who finalized her divorce from Pitt in 2005, married Theroux ten years later, however, the two separated at the end of 2017. Although the couple never had children together, Life & Style published a story implying the “Friends” alum is eager to become a parent, even if it means raising her baby alone.

A supposed confidante reportedly told the tabloid that Aniston, whose “career is thriving” and has “some fantastic friends,” thinks it’s a great time to have a child.

Following Aniston’s divorce from Pitt and separation from Theroux, the actress is allegedly prepared to become a single parent. “Jen doesn’t feel like she needs a man in her life to feel complete,” the “source” shared.

“She’ll be the first one to admit that she wasn’t ready to become a mom when she was with Brad and it just didn’t work out with Justin. But she has come to realize that she’s better off having a child by herself. She has the means to adopt or get a surrogate.”

Rumors of Aniston’s sudden baby fever comes after an interview with Elle in which she described starting a family as “kind of frightening.” While the 49-year-old admitted she understood the idea of wanting a happily ever after that included marriage and kids, she noted that “everybody’s path is different.”

Nonetheless, Aniston has not acknowledged any reports suggesting she plans to have a baby.

Jennifer Aniston Rumors suggest Jennifer Aniston is to ready have a baby or her own. The actress is pictured at the premiere of Netflix’s “Dumplin’” on Dec. 6, 2018 in Los Angeles. Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images