Jennifer Garner
Jennifer Garner pregnancy and wedding rumors debunked. In Picture: Jennifer Garner speaks onstage during The 2019 MAKERS Conference at Monarch Beach Resort on February 7, 2019 in Dana Point, California. Getty Images/Vivien Killilea

Is Jennifer Garner pregnant? According to a recent tabloid story, not only is the actress carrying her boyfriend John Miller’s baby, but she is apparently also preparing to get married. The rumor, however, has been debunked.

Garner has finalized her divorce with Ben Affleck, and she has been dating Cali Group CEO Miller for some time now. A recent rumor about the actress suggested that she is pregnant with her boyfriend’s baby, but has been keeping this information “on the down-low.” Her friends, however, apparently know that she is in the “early stages of pregnancy.”

The tabloid story claimed that Garner has been wearing “over-size sweaters and loose-fitting clothing” recently. Her skin is supposedly glowing, and she has been buying “pink onesies.” A source close to the actress reportedly told the outlet that she is having a baby girl.

The anonymous source added that Miller has been putting is arms around Garner’s stomach, as if to protect the unborn baby. The tabloid story also claimed that the two are now planning a “dream wedding.”

The insider didn’t reveal where the wedding will take place, but said that it will be a “low-key family affair.” A select few friends will be attending this supposed wedding, and the guest list includes Kate Hudson, Reese Witherspoon and Bradley Cooper. Garner and Miller’s children from their previous marriages will also be involved in the wedding ceremony, according to the source.

The truth is that Garner is neither pregnant, nor is she getting married to Miller any time soon. Gossip Cop has debunked this rumor after reaching out to a source close to Garner. The report also noted that the same tabloid had claimed back in December last year that Garner was pregnant, which was also debunked at that time.

Garner has repeatedly said that she doesn’t plan on having any more children. She said that twice on “The Ellen Show” alone.

As far as the rumor about Garner getting married is concerned, ET Online reported earlier this year that neither the actress nor her boyfriend is planning to get engaged or get married.