Prince Charles was confronted by the entire royal family in one scene from “The Crown” Season 3.

In the episode, the royal family urged the heir to the throne to go to Wales to ease some nationalist nastiness emerging there. At that time, Prince Charles was studying at Cambridge, and he was having a blast there.

As such, the dad of two was saddened by his family’s intervention. Prince Charles told the royal family that he had just been cast in a wonderful role in the theater, which is also something that he loved to do.

After a brief moment of silence, Queen Elizabeth told her son and the other members of the royal family that a decision has been made. She picks up her purse and leaves her eldest child in the room.

But according to the Washington Post, this didn’t happen in real life. The publication said that while the hit Netflix show accurately depicts many of the historical events that drive the show’s plots, the actions of the royals are oftentimes enhanced for dramatic appeal.

In another scene, Prince Charles was shown pulling into a town in a chauffeured limousine. But in real life, he was actually the one who drove himself to the venue in his sports car.

But the publication noted that one of the scenes from the show where Prince Charles was heckled by the Welch was true. Royal author Robert Jobson shared the conversation he had with the heir to the throne from years ago.

“It would be unnatural, I think if one didn’t feel any apprehension about it. One always wonders what’s going to happen…As long as I don’t get covered in too much egg and tomato, I’ll be all right. But I don’t blame people demonstrating like that. They’ve never seen me before. They don’t know what I’m like. I’ve hardly been to Wales, and you can’t really expect people to be overzealous about the fact of having a so-called English prince to come amongst them,” he said.