• Prince Charles allegedly told Prince Harry that they are not biologically related 
  • Prince Charles is rumored to not be Prince Harry's real father
  • Prince Harry has allegedly been disowned by Prince Charles

Prince Charles is once again being plagued by rumors that he is not Prince Harry’s biological father.

Just a few weeks ago, Globe claimed that the heir to the throne finally told the Duke of Sussex the "truth" of his parentage. An unnamed source told the tabloid that Prince Charles became so fed up with Meghan Markle’s whining that he summoned his youngest son to Buckingham Palace.

While there, Prince Charles reportedly dropped a huge bombshell about not being Prince Harry’s biological father. The insider even claimed to have known the exact words that Prince Charles reportedly told Prince Harry.

“I am not your biological father. After your brother William’s birth, your mother and I grew apart, Diana betrayed me and conceived you during a secret affair with another man!” the insider claimed.

But the shocking claims did not end there. Prince Charles reportedly told Markle’s husband that he’s known the truth for years since he took a DNA test that proved that they were not related.

The dramatic premise continued with the insider claiming that Prince Harry asked Prince Charles who his biological father was, but the future king stormed out of the room without giving him an answer.

Earlier this year, the same tabloid claimed that Prince Charles disowned the Duke of Sussex after he learned that he was not his biological dad. Rather, Prince Harry’s rumored biological father was Mark Dyer.

The Welsh guard, who didn’t have any relationship with Princess Diana, was linked to Prince Harry simply because they both have red hair.

Prince Harry’s biological father is Prince Charles, and all of the rumors surrounding his parentage are fake. Prince Charles and Prince Harry never had a confrontation at Buckingham Palace due to Markle’s whining.

And Prince Charles will never tell his son that he is not his because they are biologically related. By the looks of it, the rumors continue to persist simply because of Prince Harry’s hair color.

In the past, he was also rumored to be the son of James Hewitt, Princess Diana’s ex-lover, because they are both redheads.

During a previous interview on an Australian television show, Hewitt himself denied that he's biologically related to Prince Harry. He said that the rumors persist because it sells papers, and he feels bad for the Duke of Sussex.

Prince Charles and Prince Harry
Pictured: Prince Charles and Prince Harry at St Mary Magdalene Church on the Sandringham Estate, Norfolk on Dec. 26, 2004. Getty Images/Andrew Parsons