Princess Anne was previously in a relationship with Andrew Parker Bowles, the ex-husband of Camilla Parker Bowles. But the two eventually parted ways because Andrew chose Camilla over Princess Royal.

But it has now been revealed that Princess Anne and Andrew actually rekindled their romance 30 years later. The two first dated when Princess Anne was just 19 years old. This means at the age of 49 and after Princess Anne divorced her first husband, she and Andrew crossed paths again.

A palace source told New Idea that Princess Anne and Andrew had a second secret relationship, but the former was worried that the press would find out about their affair that she decided to cut it short. The couple reportedly stayed at a small country cottage for the weekend to ensure that no one would see them.

“Andrew has always had a special place in Anne’s heart and she was desperate for them to be together for real this time. But Camilla got wind of the affair and kicked up a massive fuss over it – even though she was happily married to Charles,” the palace source said.

However, these claims had not been confirmed by the royals' reps.

Meanwhile, Princess Anne and Andrew’s relationship will be explored in the third season of “The Crown.” Several decades ago, Princess Anne decided to end her romance with Andrew because she didn’t want to jeopardize her relationship with her parents and siblings.

“Anne didn’t want to bring such scandal to the place and so walked away, but it was with a very heavy heart. She still longs for Andrew, in many ways he’s the one who got away,” the source said.

Princess Anne was previously married to Captain Mark Phillips, and they were blessed with two children together. But in 1992, their divorce was finalized. Shortly after, Princess Anne tied the knot with Timothy Laurence.

A source told the publication that Princess Anne wanted to divorce Laurence early on but the Queen prevented her from having another failed marriage. As such, even though the two were no longer in love with each other, they are still together today.

Princess Anne
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