"Tumbledown" cast and crew (from left): writer Desi Van Til, Rebecca Hall, Jason Sudeikis, Dianna Agron, and director Sean Mewshaw at the Tribeca Film Festival. Getty Images

At the ritzy premiere of "Tumbledown" at the Tribeca Film Festival, Jason Sudeikis joked with the press on the red carpet as his wife, Olivia Wilde, passed the photographers section. His co-star, Rebecca Hall, debuted a new short 'do alongside fellow cast members Dianna Agron, Griffin Dunne and Richard Masur.

“Tumbledown” comes from husband and wife filmmaker team Sean Mewshaw and writer Desi Van Til, director and writer respectively. It tells the story of a young widow, Hannah (Hall), as she recovers from the loss of her folk singer husband while sequestered in small Farmington, Maine. Sudeikis is a brash writer looking to interview her for his next book, and the two come together slowly in this romantic comedy.

Actor Griffin Dunne (“After Hours,” “An American Werewolf in London”) described his “Tumbledown” character as a “curmudgeonly, comfy close friend who’s a bookseller.” Dunne said his character “is the best friend of Rebecca Hall’s character, who’s in mourning. We have this wonderful platonic relationship.” Discussing romantic comedy and casting, he maintained it was important that the characters be "people who say things in the moments of love you wish you had the foresight to say when you’re in love. They have to remind you what love feels like.”

“Saturday Night Live” alum Jason Sudeikis fell in love with the story for “Tumbledown” and was flattered that the filmmakers thought he'd be a good fit for the role. “I’m from Kansas, so I've got a bit of both sides,” he said of the contrast between his pushy New Yorker character and the backdrop of a small New England town. Sudeikis said the movie was about “life, loss and how you cope with that. How many years it can take, and how individual of a process it is. That love is more about luck than the actual execution of it.”

When asked about what movie he would like to star in with his wife, Sudeikis joked, “A remake of ‘Casablanca,’ with her playing the Humphrey Bogart part and me playing the Bergman part. Seems like America would want that.” The pair has been showing up at each other’s premieres throughout Tribeca Film Festival, including Olivia Wilde’s “Meadowland.”

“Tumbledown” will have only one more screening at the Tribeca Film Festival, which runs through April 26. For more information and tickets, check out the festival website.